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Historical MaterialsOld Books Inventories.SpanishCount of Gondomar Letters21 Nov 2008María Luisa López-Vidriero and José Luis Rodriguez Created using newproj webform

  • Host: Real Biblioteca. Palacio Real (Madrid)
  • Other institutions involved: Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen – PIH Department (http://www.howest.be) Leonardo Program
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Description: The Real Biblioteca (Royal Library), with different names as Real Particular or Private Library, has been the private library of the Kings and Queens of the House of Bourbon since the arrival of Felipe V (1724-1746). With Carlos IV (1788-1808) the Real Biblioteca knew a period of great splendour, mainly because some outstanding and valuable collections became part of its holdings. Among them, we can mention the magnificent library gathered by don Diego Sarmiento de Acuña, count of Gondomar and ambassador of Felipe III in London at the beginning of the xviith Century. The Royal Library holds the papers and the books of the Count of Gondomar’s Library, one of the most important spanish libraries of the XVIIth century. This project provides the transcription of the Inventories and the current identification and normalized description of the books. We add the edition of Letters with a special relevance to study these collections. Extensible Text Framework (XTF) is the publishing system we have chosen.

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Implementation description: Intended audience: Scholars, librarians, researchers concerned in book history and every one interested in old books, spanish history, and relationship between Spain and England (XVI-XVIIth)

Access: Patrimonio Nacional


María Luisa López-Vidriero and José Luis RodriguezReal Biblioteca. Palacio RealC. Bailén, s.n.E28071 MadridTel: 34 914548732Fax: 34 914548867Email: luisa.vidriero@patrimonionacional.es;jluis.rodriguez@patrimonionacional.es