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Project partners include the Research Council of Norway, the universities of Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø, The Sør-Trøndelag University College, and The National Library of Norway. The publication of the resultant edition is financially supported by The Arts Council Norway and The Norwegian Archives, Libraries and Museums Authority.


A new complete historical-critical and commented edition of Henrik Ibsen’s writings, printed and unprinted, is in progress. It will comprise plays, poems, articles, lectures, letters, drafts and notes. The edition will be published both electronically and in book form. The book edition will consist of 30 volumes: fifteen volumes of text and fifteen volumes of commentaries.

In addition to the texts, introductions, and commentaries in the printed edition, the electronic edition will include transcriptions of all known manuscripts and all printed versions from Ibsen’s lifetime, as well as transcribed scores of Ibsen’s musical dramas and compositions for his poems. His entire textual production, from the first word on paper to the last printed edition before 1906, is to be documented. The electronic texts will be encoded with a view to a wide range of search, allowing the user to move back and forth between various stages of a work’s genesis. Pointers to secondary literature will be installed.

The database is planned to contain digitalized pictures pertaining to the playwright and his work. There will also be links to facsimiles of all known manuscript material in Ibsen’s hand, and to his own drawings and paintings.

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Henrik Ibsen’s Writings uses TEI P4. Mixed base tagset: Prose, Drama and Verse. Subsets: linking, figures, transcr, textcrit, names.dates, corpora. Entity sets: ISO Latin 1 (Western European languages), ISO Numeric and Special Graphic Characters (fractions, some superscript numerals, arithmetic operators, arrows, quotation marks), ISO Diacritics (acute, breve, caron, cedil, circ, tilde, uml, etc.). Modification files: ibsen.extensions.ent and ibsen.extensions.dtd

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