TEI: Inscriptions of Aphrodisias (2007)

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  • Host: King’s College London
  • Other institutions involved:
    • University of Cambridge
    • New York University
    • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
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Description: Digital edition of some 1600 inscriptions from the Greek city of Aphrodisias (in modern Turkey), dating from the Hellenistic, Roman, and Late Antique periods. Covers texts known from the excavations of 1962 through 1994.

Implementation description: All texts are encoded according to the EpiDoc guidelines for the use of TEI in encoding ancient epigraphic documents ().

Other Related Resources: EpiDoc Guidlines:

Access : Texts and TEI XML published under Creative Commons Attribution license. TEI source is available at: (TEI P4 format)

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Professor Charlotte RouechéDepartment of Byzantine and Modern Greek StudiesKing’s College LondonEmail: charlotte.roueche@kcl.ac.uk

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Dr. Gabriel BodardDigital HumanitiesKing’s College LondonEmail: gabriel.bodard@kcl.ac.uk