TEI: Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica

Host: University of Bologna

URL: https://igcyr.unibo.it

Description: The IGCyr corpus assembles 920 inscriptions from Greek Cyrenaica (VII-I centuries B.C.). The majority of these inscriptions have been published previously, while 125 of them are unpublished. The GVCyr corpus assembles about 56 Greek metrical inscriptions from Greek and Roman Cyrenaica; 48 out of them have been published already, but they have never been studied together.

The Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica project has published these materials in two online EpiDoc corpora : IGCyr and GVCyr, which can be consulted separately, or cross-searched. Each inscription record presents metadata description, bibliography, Greek text, apparatus, translation into modern languages (English, French, Italian and Arabic), and commentary, together with the fullest available collection of illustrations. The new corpora are presented as two series of documents; but they also include geographical information linking to various projects gathered on the website Heritage Gazetteer of Libya (http://www.slsgazetteer.org) developed by the Society for Libyan Studies in London.

Contact: Alice Bencivenni, alice.bencivenni2@unibo.it