TEI: Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania

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  • Host: King’s College London
  • Other institutions involved:
    • Cambridge University
    • New York University
    • British School at Rome
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Description: A digital edition (forthcoming 2009) of c. 1000 Latin inscriptions from the province of Tripolitania (the western part of modern Libya). Re-publication of the paper publication by Joyce Reynolds and John Ward-Perkins of 1951. Funded by a joint JISC/NEH grant.

Implementation description: The inscriptions are encoded according to the EpiDoc guidelines and DTD (), and linked via Atom feeds to the Pleiades geographical gazeteer () and the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names ().

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Access : Texts and TEI XML published under Creative Commons Attribution license. XML is available from: (TEI P4 by default; experimental version in P5).


Dr. Gabriel BodardDepartment of Digital HumanitiesKing’s College LondonEmail: gabriel.bodard@kcl.ac.uk