TEI: Law in Aberdeen Council Registers 1398-1511

  • Host: University of Aberdeen
  • Other institutions involved: Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives
  • URL: https://aberdeenregisters.org/
  • Main language: Multilingual
  • TEI Encoding Guidelines used: P5 (2007-present)

General description: The Law in Aberdeen Council Registers Project aims to create a TEI-compliant transcription of the first eight volumes of the Aberdeen Council Registers (1398-1511), which will be made available online (open access). This transcription will serve as a basis to investigate the development of and change in legal concepts, practices and geographies over time. The intended audience is, however, not limited to (legal) historians. Historical linguists, in particular, will find this resource useful to examine language variation and change.

Implementation description: TEI tagsets are used to indicate structural elements of the original texts (e.g. <pb/>, <lb/> etc.) and to record metadata. The oXygen add-on HisTEI is used to transcribe and annotate the text.

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Law in the Aberdeen Council Registers Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies University of Aberdeen 19 College Bounds Aberdeen AB24 3UG Email: info[at]aberdeenregisters.org