TEI: Manuscript Pamphleteering in Early Stuart England

Host: University of Bristol
Drawing upon the collections of more than 50 archives in the UK and USA, Manuscript Pamphleteering in Early Stuart England details the circulation of over 500 distinct texts which collectively survive in around 4,000 unique witnesses. Furthermore, it makes available transcriptions of over 200 exemplars, the majority of which are accompanied by high-resolution images. These have primarily been drawn from the collections of the British Library, a project partner, alongside others in local record offices such as Norfolk Record Office and Surrey History Centre. In some cases, we have provided multiple exemplars of a single text in order to demonstrate not only the range of material that circulated as manuscript pamphlets, but also the variety of forms this took and the range of scribal practices involved.
For each text, the database lists basic bibliographic information, all known manuscript witnesses, and details of known print exemplars (both seventeenth-century and modern). Where available, it also provides full-text versions of transcribed exemplars and high-resolution images. PDF versions of exemplars are available, as are the XML data (encoded following TEI P5 guidelines).
Noah Millstone n.c.millstone@bham.ac.uk