TEI: SBL Slovene Biograpical Lexicon

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  • Host: Slovenian Academy of Sciences
  • Other institutions involved: Jožef Stefan Institute
  • URL:
  • Main language: Slovene

General description: SBL is the digitised version of the printed Slovene Biographical Lexicon, which was published in 16 volumes from 1925 to 1991.

Implementation description: The lexicon is encoded in TEI P5 making heavy use of the names and dates module. The lexicon is mounted under the Fedora commons repository software.

Copyright information: The digital edition of SBL is freely available on the web for non-commercial use.


Petra Vide OgrinSlovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts Novi trg 3 SI-1000 Ljubljana SloveniaEmail: petra.vide@zrc-sazu.si