TEI: The Chymistry of Isaac Newton

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  • Host: Indiana University
  • Other institutions involved: Imperial College London
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Description: is producing a scholarly online edition of Newton’s alchemical manuscripts integrated with new research on Newton’s chymistry.

Implementation description: The audience for the project is scholars and students studying the history of science, particularly the fields of alchemy and early chemistry. There are approximately 2000 manuscript pages of alchemical materials that will be encoded in TEI/XML.

Other Related Resources: The prose, figures, linking, analysis, names/dates, and transcription tag sets are being used. Minor modifications have been made; for instande, the global @rend attribute has been changed to type IDREFS so that we may enforce a controlled vocabulary for rend values.

Access : The copyright to the edited texts and contextual materials are held by the Trustees of Indiana University. See http://www.indiana.edu/copyright.html. The texts are freely available for educational and research purposes.


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