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  • Host: University of Victoria
  • Other institutions involved: MoEML has many partners, including the Internet Shakespeare Editions, London Metropolitan Archives, Early Theatre, and pedagogical partners around the globe.
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  • Main language: English

General description: Role of the Project: The Map of Early Modern London is comprised of four distinct, interoperable projects: a digital Map and gazetteer based on the 1560s Agas woodcut map of London; an Encyclopedia of London people, places, topics, and terms; a Library of marked-up texts rich in London toponyms; and a versioned edition of John Stow’s Survey of London. These four projects draw data from MoEML’s five databases: a Placeography of locations (e.g., streets, sites, playhouses, taverns, churches, wards, and topographical features); a Personography of early modern Londoners, both historical and literary; an Orgography of organizations (e.g., livery companies and other corporations); a Bibliography of primary and secondary sources; and a Glossary of terms relevant to early modern London. All of the files in our databases use a common TEI tagset that enables us to work with primary and secondary texts simultaneously. Audience: primarily researchers of early modern London (history, English, geo-humanities), though many of our users come from the general public Scope of the TEI resources created and their coverage: Our site uses TEI for both our born-digital content and our editions of primary texts. We offer born-digital content in the form of Encyclopedia articles (on people, places, topics, and terms) on early modern London. We also transcribe and produce primary-source literary texts, including the London lord mayor’s shows, prose, verse, dramatic extracts, and an edition of John Stow’s “Survey of London” with all people, places, and dates marked up.

Implementation description: We use TEI tagsets for names, dates, people, and places extensively. We also use tagsets for verse, transcriptions, certainty, precision, and responsibility. Our programmer, Martin Holmes, is on the TEI Technical Council.

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Copyright information: http://mapoflondon.uvic.ca/legal.htm


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