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1 November 2000

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(formerly known as the Bryn Mawr Medieval Review) publishes reviews of books and other research resources within medieval studies (broadly defined). Reviews are distributed via a moderated email list and archieved on the Web site. There is no print equivalent of . The Web site gives details of how to subscribe to the email list (free of charge) as well as giving access to the archive of reviews dating from 1993 to the present. Reviews may be browsed by year or searched. The search interface permits Boolean and proximity searching, and searches by fulltext, author, or title. Each review is also available as an SGML file (encoded according to the TEI Guidelines).

Reviews in 2000 included subject areas like: Chaucer, Heloise and Abelard, rhetoric and art, fourteenth century Paris, witches in the early modern age, Hincmar, suicide in the Middle Ages, Joan of Arc, scribal practice, early English drama, Foucault, and Scholastic thought. On average, 100 reviews are published in any one year.


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