TEI: The Orlando Project: An Integrated History of Women’s Writing in the British Isles

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The Orlando Project is creating a textbase of research on women’s history and literary history in the British Isles. Our project differs from other TEI-based projects in that we are using SGML to tag text that 1) does not currently exist, 2) is notable for its subject matter as well as its structure, and 3) is critical and interpretive in nature.

– Sharon Balazs, 16 Jul 2000

Funding and Personnel:

The Orlando Project was initially funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. It is currently funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and the Universities of Alberta and Guelph. Project Director is Dr. Patricia Clements, University of Alberta; principal co-investigators are Drs. Patricia Clements and Isobel Grundy, University of Alberta; co-investigators are Dr. Susan Brown, University of Guelph and Dr. Renée Elio, University of Alberta. Principal technical work on the SGML/TEI aspects of the project is being done by Sharon Balazs and Dave Gomboc.


Sharon Balazs (Electronic Textbase Manager)The Orlando Project3–5 Humanities CentreUniversity of AlbertaEdmonton, AlbertaT6G 2E5CanadaEmail: Sharon.Balazs@UAlberta.ca