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“The goal of the Thomas MacGreevy Archive is to create an electronic resource which provides greater accessibility to the life, work and relationships of Thomas MacGreevy.

The vast majority of documents relating to MacGreevy’s life and work have been preserved, deposited by his literary executors at Trinity College, Dublin. But this core archive cannot be fully appreciated until examined in the context of resources from, for example, private collections, other archives, art work from national galleries, published work and musical recordings.

is a long-term multimedia research project which is exploring integrating these resources through electronic publishing and distribution, and as such, is being developed on a phased basis. The first phase of the project is an electronic edition of writings by and about Thomas MacGreevy which explores opportunities presented by the newer technologies to publish legacy data in its various forms (textual, visual, audio), enhanced with contemporary commentary and augmented with search and navigation features. Up to 200 texts have been encoded to date.”

– Thomas MacGreevy Archive WWW page


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