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  • Host: University of Maryland
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Description: is a software tool designed by a team of programmers, designers, and literary scholars for displaying and comparing multiple versions of texts. The display environment provides for features traditionally found in codex-based critical editions, such as annotation and introductory material, while taking advantage of opportunities of electronic publishing, such as providing a frame to compare diplomatic versions of witnesses side by side, allowing for manipulatable images of the witness to be viewed alongside the diplomatic edition, and providing users with an enhanced typology of notes.

Other Related Resources: utilises TEI Parallel Segmentation encoding.

Access :Documentation for can be found at: . is an open source product. Download information can be found at:


Susan SchreibmanDirector, Digital Humanities ObservatoryPembroke House28-32 Upper Pembroke StreetDublin 2, IrelandTel: +353 1 234 2440Fax: +353 1 234 2400Email: susan.schreibman@gmail.com