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Description: The objective of “” is to provide critically-edited scholarly texts for works of fiction and social criticism by the most important American author in the first half of the 19th century. James Fenimore Cooper (1789-1851), more than anyone else in his time, created a succession of works raising fundamental questions about a distinctive American identity. As a professional author, Cooper worked hard to improve the texts of his work, which (especially early in his career) suffered from egregious errors in the press. The Cooper Edition thus documents Cooper’s attention to improving his texts whenever opportunities arose for him to correct editions after the first.

Implementation description: The Cooper Edition has published 18 texts as of 2002. All new editorial projects after that date will use TEI procedures in preparing the scholarly editions. Our intent is that the Edition will be able to make available electronically materials not previously part of printed texts, such as long cancellations.

Other Related Resources: We are just beginning to learn the TEI protocols and procedures.

Access : Copyright is vested with the Edition’s publishers, SUNY Press (1980-1991) and AMS Press (2002 on). Cooper Edition texts are also available in paper backs for class room use through Penguin and Oxford University presses. No authorized electronic versions are presently available.


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