TEI: travel!digital

Host: ACDH Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities

URL: https://traveldigital.acdh.oeaw.ac.at


The travel!digital project brings together early German travel guides on non-European countries, which were released by the Baedeker publishing house between 1875 and 1914. [5 volumes = 3089 pages = 1.51 million tokens / 1.21 million running words.] Key areas include linguistic and in particular semantic encoding, domain-specific knowledge organization and content contextualization by Linked Open Data. Focusing on people/s and monuments, two essential components not only of guidebook texts but cultural narratives in general, the project aims at showing that semantic technologies have great potential to unlock a discourse that goes far beyond travel literature. To give an impression of the work conducted, the travel!digital web app offers numerous search options as well as additional information and invites explorers on a digital journey through time.

All data of the travel!digital Collection is freely available at ARCHE, the ACDH repository. It consists of the full-text corpus including linguistic and semantic mark-up, digital facsimiles of all volumes, a customised TEI-schema of applied annotations as well as the extensive travel!digital thesaurus (SKOS). Since this rich resource was created in the spirit of openness, you are invited to use it intensively!


Ulrike Czeitschner Ulrike.Czeitschner@oeaw.ac.at

Barbara Krautgartner Barbara.Krautgartner@oeaw.ac.at