TEI: Rahtz Prize for TEI Ingenuity

About the Rahtz Prize

The TEI Consortium has created the Rahtz Prize for TEI Ingenuity in memory of Sebastian Rahtz (13 February 1955 – 15 March 2016). The award is intended to honour Sebastian’s major technical and philosophical contributions to the TEI, and to encourage TEI innovation by the TEI community.

Sebastian was responsible for the design and implementation of a great deal of the TEI’s technical infrastructure. Within the TEI community he was best known for the creation and maintenance of the XSLT Stylesheets that underlie much TEI conversion work, customization, and schema generation. As a member of both the TEI’s Technical Council and its Board, he helped shape the direction of the Consortium.

The Rahtz Prize for TEI Ingenuity is awarded to an individual or team judged to have made a significant contribution to the TEI-C’s mission in particular by means of non-commercial/openly-available projects or initiatives. Many members of the TEI Community are engaged in exploring new ways of implementing and expanding the coverage of the TEI system. It is hoped that this Prize will not only recognize excellent work already completed, but also encourage new projects and fresh approaches.

Important Info and Dates

While the Board of Directors may alter these details in any given year, the expected timeline for the award is as follows:

  • April: Nominations Due
  • June: Submissions Due
  • by Annual Business Meeting: Recipient Announced

Nomination Process

The TEI community will be encouraged to nominate prospective candidates for the Rahtz Prize by early Spring. The call for nominations will include a form that should be completed for each candidate, indicating basic information about the candidate and their project. Self-nominations are accepted. The TEI community can also contact members of the Awards Panel to facilitate nominations.

Nominations are due 30 April 2018 by midnight Hawaii/Aleutian Standard Time (HAST).

Submission Rules and Guidelines

Nominees for the Rahtz Prize will be contacted by members of the Awards Panel in mid-to-late April and encouraged to submit an application for review. The applications are due by 1 June in order to be considered in time for granting awards at the upcoming TEI-C Conference and Members’ Meeting.

Along with contact information, nominees will be asked to submit a 500-1,500 summary describing the project/initiative. This summary should reflect the TEI-C’s mission and the criteria as outlined below.


  • Individuals or teams are eligible to apply.
  • Membership to the TEI-Consortium is not a requirement.
  • The project under review should point to external documentation or have a web presence.
  • The project should not be a commercial product or service.

Review Process and Criteria

Submissions will be reviewed by an Awards Panel comprising the Chair of the TEI-C Board of Directors, the Chair of the TEI-C Technical Council, and one invited, active member of the TEI Community. No member of the Awards Panel may serve more than four consecutive years. Membership of the Panel will be agreed upon jointly by the Board and the Council by 1 April.

Nominations should demonstrate that the person or team nominated has made an outstanding contribution to one or more of the following:

  • innovative development of the TEI Guidelines
  • creation of TEI-aware tools and technologies that further dissemination, adoption, and engaged use of the TEI Guidelines
  • expansive and inclusive TEI training and outreach opportunities
  • informed development and cultivation of particular TEI practitioner communities

Having received previous Rahtz Prizes does not invalidate submissions, but will be a factor for consideration by the Awards Panel.

The Awards Panel is not required to make an award in every year.


The recipient(s) will receive a cash award of $1,000 USD, or a round number of about the same value in the currency in which the prize is to be awarded. The final selection is made by the Awards Panel and announced as part of the Business Meeting, which occurs as part of the annual TEI-C Conference and Members’ Meeting. The disbursement of the cash award is arranged through the TEI-C Treasurer. The recipient(s) will receive a cash award of $1,000 USD, or a round number of about the same value in the currency in which the prize is to be awarded. The recipient will also agree to serve on next year’s Awards Panel.

Past Recipients

Stefan Dumont, Sascha Grabsch, Marcel Illetschko, Jonas Müller-Laackman, Sabine Seifert, and Peter Stadler for correspDesc, CMIF & correspSearch
Honorable mention to Wolfgang Meier and Magdalena Turska for TEI Publisher
Raffaele Viglianti for coreBuilder
Honorable mention to Roberto Rosselli Del Turco, Chiara Di Pietro, Chiara Martignano, Giulia Cacioli, Raffaele Masotti for Edition Visualization Technology (EVT)