TEI: Correspondence SIG

The TEI Special Interest Group on Correspondence seeks to bring together scholars interested in creating digital scholarly editions of correspondence. The goal of the SIG will be to discuss and develop sample tagsets (including suggesting additions/modifications to the TEI Guidelines) for varying forms of correspondence as well as to create tutorials and best practice models.

Because the initiative for this SIG emerged from editorial work with 19th century letters, the organizers of this SIG have focused on these types of materials. However, we want this SIG to be more encompassing, embracing varying types of historical and literary correspondence including epistles, telegrams, postcards, etc., and perhaps other types of documents that share features with physical written correspondence like diaries, diary entries, letters to the editor, e-mail, blogs, etc. The common feature of these sorts of text is a generally formalized physical appearance (e.g., an envelope for letters) and structure of content (i.e. address field, special formulas for opener and closer).


The SIG is convened by Stefan Dumont (Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences) and Sabine Seifert (Universität Potsdam).

SIG Wiki Page

The SIG wiki page with more detailed and up to date information can be found on the TEI Wiki.

Mailing List

The SIG runs a mailing list on this topic. To join the mailing list visit its Listserv page.


Beginning in 2008, the SIG has held meetings during the annual TEI Conference and Members Meeting. Minutes are available: