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Perry Willett26 October 2004The Text Encoding Initiative

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The goal of the TEI Special Interest Group on Libraries is to discuss topics regarding the use of TEI in library, including the creation of guidelines to best practice that encourage the consistent and predictable encoding of TEI documents. Greater consistency and predictability will facilitate the interchange of documents, interoperability of systems, and the creation of standard tools for libraries to use in the creation and publication of TEI documents.

It will do this by, among other things:

  • Updating and improving the current <a href="http://purl.oclc.org/NET/teiinlibraries">Best Practices for TEI in Libraries</a>
  • Creation of standard XSL style sheets for use (see, for example, Thutmose II, development of which was funded by a grant from the TEI Consortium to the SIG on Libraries)
  • Exploring the use of other metadata standards commonly in use in libraries, such as METS, MODS, EAD, and MARC, in conjunction with TEI documents
  • Guides to implementing TEI collections in digital library platforms

The TEI in uses the TEILIB-L list, which anyone may join. Curious about previous discussion threads? Visit the TEILIB-L Archives.

The SIG also maintains a number of wiki pages.