TEI: TEI Manuscripts Special Interest Group

The goal of the TEI Special Interest Group on Manuscripts is to bring together users of the TEI who wish to improve the encoding strategies for marking up transcriptions and editions of manuscript materials.

This SIG explores a range of issues common to editing manuscripts, including:

  • how to record the physical appearance of a manuscript or printed witness
  • how to record different writing acts
  • how to record scribal error and correction
  • how to encode fragmentary witnesses
  • how to record codicological information
  • how to record different kinds of variation within or across witnesses
  • how to use the critical apparatus tag set in manuscript transcription

The group operates by means a mailing list and also has an area on the TEI wiki.

The SIG is convened by Stephen McCormick and Gerrit Brüning. The SIG runs a mailing list, which you can join by visiting http://listserv.brown.edu/tei-ms-sig.html

Current and Past Activities

The SIG is collecting issues regarding chapter 11 of the TEI Guidelines on GitHub.

The Manuscripts SIG has held meetings on all recent TEI Conference and Members’ Meetings.

Notable earlier outputs of the SIG: