TEI: Meeting of the TEI Manuscript SIG: November 14, 2009, Ann Arbor

14 November 2009The Text Encoding Initiative

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Summary of the business meeting

  • An overview over the achievements of last year was discussed:
  • task force on Genetic Editions (chair: Fotis Jannidis) is working and has produced (and presented) a first draft of the concept; beta test about to start soon; aims to propose to the Council by spring 2010
  • task force on MSDesc Enhancement (chair: Torsten Schassen): all proposed request have been approved by the Council
  • extension of this towards “text bearing objects” needs to be re-vitalized
  • Outline of the agenda for next year:
  • continue on Genetic Editions (see above)
  • create a task force to improve / rewrite the Critical Apparatus chapter (volunteers needed)
  • improve “Public Relations” of the SIG
  • Detailed minutes of the Business Meeting can be found on the Manuscript SIG wiki: .