TEI: Agenda for TEI Board Conference Call: Wednesday December 17, 2008 13:00 (British Standard Time)

Daniel O’Donnnell

Budget Meeting


The goal of this meeting is to finalise the planned expenditures for our 2009 budget. There are a number of new requests for resources. These need to be considered in relation to

  • Our estimated expenses and income for 2009. This document is still in preparation. But it can be estimated from (see Appendix A1: 2008 Revised Financial Statement (2008-12-09) ).
  • The size of our cash-reserve: DP has recommended that we keep a cushion of between $5-$10K.
  • A decision about how conservative we should be in the face of the current economic uncertainty℄Perhaps we should be more conservative in our cash reserves this year?
  • Our strategic priorities

Because the goal of this meeting is to finalise planned expenses, and because there are a large number of proposals on the floor, I’d like us to concentrate particularly on financial questions. If a proposal has non-financial questions that still need resolution, but can be accepted in principle for a specific amount, then I will ask us to move discussion of the non-financial aspects off to the list or our next meeting (scheduled for February).


1300 Certification of Meeting

1305 Approval of Agenda

1310 Approval of Minutes

1315 Introduction

1320 Proposal Round Table

In this section of the meeting we will go through the proposals in turn.

  • (Optional) 1 minute Introductory Comment from Proposal Sponsor
  • 5 minutes question and answer

1400 Discussion and Vote

Each presentation will be presented as a motion by the sponsor (subject to any last minute revisions from the previous round). If a seconder is found, we will then have a last discussion and vote.

1500 Adjournment