TEI: Agenda for the TEI-C Board Meeting, Sofia, Bulgaria, 30 October 2005

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from Julia Flanders

16 September 2007 Converted to P5 November 3, 2005

First draft

Agenda for TEI Board Meeting, Sofia, Bulgaria October 30 2005 9:00-3:30

  • Certification of the meeting
  • Appointments
    • Appointment of Chair, Vice-chair, and Secretary; arrangement for minute-taking
  • Approval and adjustment of the agenda
  • Review of minutes from previous meeting
    • Minutes from the conference call, http://www.tei-c.org/Board/bm13.html
  • Appointment of a nominations committee for 2006
  • Financial and hosting
    • Financial report, 2005; budget for 2006
    • Host commitments for the coming year
    • Tracking of membership, and the new membership database
  • 2006 members meeting and planning process
    • 2006 Members Meeting and meeting planning generally
    • Julia to report on planning so far
    • appoint a program committee and meeting organizer
    • discuss the planning process for future meetings: timing, funding, organization
  • Web site development plan
    • Report from Chris Ruotolo and Daniel Pitti: progress so far, future plan, how the board can be useful
  • TEI Guidelines planning
    • Funding and how to allocate it
    • Future of the editors and overall strategy for supporting the Guidelines
    • Efforts to increase the visibility and usefulness of the TEI Guidelines: community-specific documentation, community-specific customizations, other possibilities.
  • Fundraising and recruiting
    • I18N proposal
    • Possibly charge a recruiting committee, with a specific mandate and a set of deadlines? Possibly charge a fundraising committee?
  • Any other business