TEI: Minutes ofthe TEI-C Board Meeting, Baltimore, 24 October 2004


Minutes of

the TEI-C Board Meeting, Baltimore, 24 October 2004Licensed under


Notes from Patrick Durusau


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TEI-C Board of Directors meeting, 24 Oct 2004Minutes v1.0Meeting held at the Shriver Board Room, John Hopkins

University, BaltimorePatrick Durusau

Voting members of the Board present:

Julia Flanders, Chair; Sebastian Rahtz; John Unsworth; Geoffrey

Rockwell, Daniel Pitti; Daniel Apollon; Patrick Durusau. Also

present: Syd Bauman, Editor; Lou Burnard, Editor; Tone Merete Bruvik,

Executive Director; Matthew Zimmermann, incoming Board member (2005-2006).



    • The meeting was certified.

    • The agenda

      was approved with the TEI logo being added as an

      additional item.


    • Julia Flanders was

      reappointed as Chair.


    • Christian Wittern was reappointed Chair of

      the Council. In the event he is unable to accept the position,

      Laurent Romary is appointed as Chair of the Council. asapTo contact

      Christian Wittern concerning his reappointment as Chair of the



    • Bids for host were received from

      Brown (Brown University), Nancy (Loria (Laboratoire Lorrain de

      Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications), ATILF (Analyse et

      Traitement Informatisé de la Langue Française), and, INIST

      (Institut de l’Information Scientifique et Technique), wherein

      Loria would be the coordinating body), Oxford (Research

      Technologies Services at Oxford University Computing Services), and

      Virginia (University of Virginia).


      Extensive discussion

      followed about hosts and the roles that they should play in the

      consortium. See TEI Staffing. A motion was made and seconded to

      accept all four host bids. The motion passed unanimously. asap to notify all

      prospective hosts of the acceptance of their bids.


    • The various roles filled by the

      Executive Director were discussed. Concluded that Tone Merete Bruvik, Julia

      Flanders and Daniel Apollon should develop a list of the tasks

      of the Executive Director and then either request a salary for

      the position or request tasks to be assumed by hosts.


    • The nominating

      committee for 2005 will consist of John Unsworth, Matthew

      Zimmerman and Laurent Romary.


    • Lou Burnard, Matthew Zimmerman and a yet to be named

      Bulgarian representative were appointed as the program committee

      for the members meeting in 2005.


  • Tone Merete Bruvik was officially thanked by the Board for

    her service to the TEI Consortium as its Executive Director

    since its inception.


    Geoffrey Rockwell was officially thanked by the Board for his

    service as a member of the Board.


    At this point the meeting was adjourned.