TEI: Minutes of the TEI-C Board Meeting, May 9-10, 2002

Minutes of the TEI-C Board Meeting, May 9-10, 2002

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Notes from David Chesnutt, Julia Flanders, and Syd Bauman

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TEI-C Board of Directors meeting, May 9-10, 2002Minutes v1.0Meeting held at Charles University, PragueDavid Chesnutt

Attending: Syd Bauman,Editor; Tone Mereta Bruvik, Executive Director; Lou Burnard, Editor; David Chesnutt, Secretary; Julia Flanders, Jan Hajic, Claus Huitfeldt, Sebastian Rahtz, Harold Short, John Unsworth, Chair.

The Board noted the absence of Antonio Zampolli, Vice Chair of the Board and resolved that John Unsworth prepare an appropriate sentiment expressing the Board’s best wishes for Professor Zampolli’s speedy recovery of good health.


The Chair certified that due notice of the meeting had been given.

Approval and Adjustment of Agenda

The Board agreed to Claus Huitfeldt’s request to defer discussion of the budget until the following day because of last minute changes which the directors had not had time to review.

The Board agreed to Sebastian Rhatz’s recommendation that it discuss the relationships between workgroups, the Council, and the Board.

The Board agreed to Harold Short’s recommendation to select a chair of the nominating committee as part of the discussion about the annual meeting.

The Board agreed to the Chair’s recommendation to add the following items:

  • Board activities between now and October;
  • Contents of the CD to accompany the MLA volume; and
  • Coordination of ACH, ALLC & TEI activities.

Review of Minutes

Board members noted the need for several corrections and made several suggestions of changes in the wording which were accepted. Lou Burnard made the corrections in his master file and will mount the new version on the TEI website.

NEH Work Plan Progress

The Chair reported on the status of the Migration Workgroup. Chris Ruotolo has agreed to chair and members of the workgroup currently include Natalia Smith (UNC Chapel Hill), Tomas Erjavec (Jozef Stefan Inst. Ljubljana), Chris Powell (Univ Michigan), Michael Popham (Oxford Text Archive), John Walsh (Indiana Univ), Frans Wiering (Thesaurus Musicarum Italicarum), Alejandro Bia (Miguel de Cervantes Digital Library). The group is currently planning to meet in October 2002 and May 2003. Because the NEH grant currently has an end date of May 30, 2003, the Chair agreed to ask NEH for an extension to allow the workgroup to complete its tasks.

The Chair noted that the work plan for Year 2 has been revised in light of the Council’s recommendations. Lou Burnard volunteered to develop a more detailed plan for the Migration Workgroup.

The choice between focusing on an analytical survey of the migration needs of the TEI community or developing a set of practical recommendations was discussed extensively. The consensus of the Board is that NEH would prefer practical guidelines with some commentary on the general needs of the TEI community. (A comprehensive analytical survey was viewed as being beyond the current resources of the NEH grant.)

At the request of the Migration Workgroup chair, the Board considered the group of the names submitted as potential members of the group. The Board suggested that Jessica Hekman and Tobias Rischer be added to the group. John Unsworth agreed to contact Mulberry Technologies to see if one of the Mulberry experts could serve on the workgroup.

Publication/distribution Plans

The Chair circulated the first copy of the new two-volume edition of the TEI Guidelines (P4) which was reviewed briefly by the Board. Unsworth reported that P4 was on its way to the University Press of Virginia. The press has agreed to handle marketing, distribution and order fulfillment. The terms are $7 per set for domestic shipping and handling and $9 per set for international shipping and handling.

The discussion next turned to on-line versions of the revised edition of P4. Burnard and Rahtz pointed out that an HTML version is currently available to the public and that a PDF version is available to members and subscribers in the Members Only area of the TEI Web site. After reviewing a variety of options, the Board agreed that the HTML version should remain in the public area of the Web site and that chapter-by-chapter PDFs should be available to members and subscribers in the Members Only area. The PDF files are intended to facilitate those who may wish to print out individual chapters for distribution to the classes or for other purposes.

Further discussion of PDF publication led to a decision to offer chapter two of the Guidelines, “A Gentle Introduction…” as a separate publication in PDF format in the public area of the TEI Web site, along with the TEI Lite tutorial TEU U5, because of the wide-spread demand for these documents.

Pricing the two-volume set led to a discussion of costs and the market for the publication. In the end, the Board set the price at $90 per set for non-members and $60 per set for members and subscribers. The Board agreed that members should receive one set free and then be allowed to purchase additional sets at $60 each. Subscribers will not receive a free set, but will be allowed to purchase the Guidelines at the member price of $60.

Unsworth reported that 500 copies of the two-volume set cost $$13,980 or approximately $28 per set. Adding an average of $8 for shipping, handling, etc. brought the base cost to $36 per set. Consequently, sales at $60 per set will bring about $24 income per set; sales at $90 per set will being about $54 per set.

A wide ranging discussion of second-party publication of all or parts of the Guidelines brought forth the following decisions.

  • Permission is not required to mirror the HTML version of the Guidelines from the TEI-C Web site.
  • Permission is not required to print and distribute one PDF chapter of the Guidelines for academic use.
  • Permission is not required to republish the Guidelines in their entirety from any TEI source as long as no changes are made and an attribution of the source is published.
  • Permission is required to republish the Guidelines with enhancements in any form of publication. Publishers will be requested to provide copies of same to the TEI-C.

Unsworth reported the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has funded and the MLA has agreed to publish a volume on electronic text editing which will be edited by Unsworth and Burnard. The volume is co-sponsored by the Consortium and the Committee on Scholarly Editing of the MLA. Also planned is a CD to accompany the volume. The preliminary selection of items is based on the training CD which Oxford is preparing for its TEI summer school and would include such items as:

  • an HTML version of P4
  • an XML version of P4
  • a Microsoft Reader version of P4
  • a PDF of Chapter Two of the Guidelines
  • The TEI and TEI Lite DTDs
  • XSL stylesheets keyed to the DTDs
  • Software such as Emacs, Anastasia, or Xmetal customizations

Other items to be included will be determined by the editors in consultation with the Training subcommittee of the TEI Council.

After an extensive discussion on marketing P4, the following actions were taken:

  • Flanders volunteered to draft a press release
  • Burnard volunteered to have the press release revised and distributed by the press office of Oxford University
  • Huitfeldt volunteered to have the release translated into other languages
  • The other hosts agreed to have their respective press offices distribute the release
  • Rahtz agreed to prepare order forms to be mounted on the TEI Web site
  • June 1 was set as the deadline for the above work to be completed
  • June 15 was set as the official publication date for P4

Host Activity Reports

The Board accepted the host activity reports as submitted. The Board agreed that the current level of detail in the reports is appropriate and will be useful in compiling year-end reports for the annual meeting and for funding agencies like NEH.

Bruvik agreed to compile the hosts’ quarterly financial reports which will be sent back to the hosts for their sign-off.

Unsworth agreed to mount the results of the TEI needs survey conducted by Brown as a database on the Virginia TEI server.


Unsworth emphasized the importance of recruiting new members, noting that one-third of current budget is funded by the NEH grant. To facilitate recruitment outside Europe and the U.S., Unsworth requested that board members send him a list of their contacts in Asia, Central America and South America.

The Board agreed that “match-making” between the hosts and scholars and students would be a good way to promote the use of the Guidelines as well as membership in the consortium.

Members Annual Meeting

The following schedule was adopted:

  • Oct. 10: Migration Workgroup and MLA Editors meet
  • Oct. 11: Members meeting (presentations)
  • Oct. 12: Members meeting in morning only (elections)
  • Oct. 12: Board of Directors meeting (afternoon)

The Board nominated Peter Robinson to chair the programme committee as well as Martin Mueller who is making the local arrangements for the meeting. Syd Bauman also agreed to serve on the committee.

Julia Flanders agreed to serve as chair of the nominating committee which had been appointed by the Board during its meeting in Pisa. (Other members are Harold Short, Lou Burnard, and Jan Hajic.) The Board agreed to review the nominees and make recommendations. The final slate is to be selected by the committee.

Three seats on the Board of Directors and four seats on the Council will be filled. Representatives of the sponsoring organizations (ACH, ALLC, ACL) are rotating off the Board as are the four one-year appointees selected by the Board last year.)

An informal announcement of the Members Annual Meeting will be made during the ALLC/ACH conference in July. Unsworth noted that we need to have some of the speakers lined up so they can included in the announcement. Chesnutt suggested that Charles Cullen, President of the Newberry Library, be considered. The library is hosting our sessions and Cullen is a former editor of the Jefferson Papers and serves on the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, a U.S. agency which has supported the extension of the TEI Guidelines via the Model Editions Partnership.

The Board agreed to reduce the conference fee for the Annual Meeting from the $100 projection in the 2002 budget to $50, the cost of becoming a subscriber to the consortium. Inasmuch as no fees are to be charged to members and subscribers, the Board viewed setting the fee at $50 would encourage individuals to become subscribers and to take a more active role in the consortium.

Huitfeldt noted that $1,600 is currently budgeted for four speakers (an average of $400 per speaker).

The Board agreed that workgroup reports should be given, but that the consortium was not in a position to make travel reimbursements. Reports are to be limited to 15 minutes each.

The official notification of the annual members meeting needs to go out between Aug. 12, 2002, and Sept. 20, 2002, to conform with the consortium bylaws.

ALLC/ACH 2002 Open Meeting

After an extensive discussion of options, the Board agreed to include the following presentations during the TEI open meeting.

  • Report on P4 and P5 by Flanders
  • Annual meeting plans, by Unsworth
  • Work group progress, by chairs, (John to contact chairs)
  • Report on training, by Rockwell
  • Report on membership, by Huitfeldt

Burnard and Rahtz agreed to prepare a P4 CD to be distributed at the open meeting and Burnard volunteered to absorb the costs. The Board decided to distribute the CD at the open meeting rather than including it in the registration packets. [An open question is whether or not to send the CD to members not present at the ALLC/ACH meeting.]

The Board agreed that Bruvik should chair the open meeting if she is available. Tone Mereta will be taking maternity leave sometime this summer when she and her husband adopt a child. (The Board expressed its hearty congratulations at this news.)

The Board reviewed its previous marketing plans and noted that the new TEI brochure, the on-line order forms, and the CD need to be completed before the ALLC/ACH conference.

A discussion of making available review copies resulted in a decision to generally limit the number of review copies to ten (10) unless the executive director feels that additional copies would benefit the consortium. Members of the Board are to make suggestions on the placement of the initial review copies.

Financial Reports

Claus Huitfeldt introduced the revised budget, noting that income for 2001 was $250,271.71 and expenses were $237,532.01 with $12,739.70 carried forward into 2002. He noted that in the projected budget for 2002 the consortium continues to rely on the NEH grant, host contributions, and increases in membership; he also noted that the consortium needs to either increase membership revenue or find new grant funds in order to make the projected budget for 2003.

A general discussion of the budget focused on possible reductions in costs. The Board agreed to consider holding future Council and Board meetings at the same place on successive days in order to lower travel costs. At the conclusion of the discussion, the Board unanimously agreed that the Chair prepare a resolution of thanks to the host institutions for their generous support of the consortium.

Future Grant Plans

John Unsworth noted that private foundations like Ford and Carnegie are interested in fostering international exchanges and suggested that they might be a potential source for funding some of the TEI’s international travel.

The Board discussed the possibility of having the consortium work with other projects which are supported by NEH. Examples given included:

  • Assistance in preparing grant applications through a free service
  • Assistance in developing discipline-specific TEI extensions
  • Training and consultation during the work of a project

David Chesnutt raised the idea of having the consortium serve as an archive for discipline specific TEI extensions developed by projects like the Model Editions Partnership (MEP). The partnership has developed SGML and XML DTDs designed to meet the needs of documentary editions of historical documents and is scheduled to end in the summer of 2003.

Chesnutt pointed out that if the consortium became the custodian of the MEP DTDs, many of the individual projects using the DTDs would be likely candidates for membership in the consortium.

The Board agreed in principle with the proposal and details for the arrangements are to be worked out during the coming year.

A discussion of European funding followed. Jan Hajic agreed to contact Zampolli to discuss the possibilities of funding under the EU 6th Framework (cultural heritage)and Harold Short agreed to look into funding from the European Science Foundation to support travel to Council meetings.

Workgroups and Subcommittees

Burnard reported that the Workgroup on Character Encoding is making good progress and that Document BM04 reflects the revisions in the workgroup charge as agreed by the workgroup on May 1, 2002.

A general discussion of the relationships between the Council and the Board led to the following decision. Workgroups will report to Council, Council will report to the Board. (Workgroups will not report directly to the Board.)

Lou then opened the discussion of EDW74, the draft charge for the Standoff and XLink Workgroup. John Unsworth gave David Durand’s report on the workgroup which the Board accepted without further discussion.

Geoffrey Rockwell’s report on the Council’s Training Subcommittee (see ???) led to a decision to eliminate the Board’s Member Services Subcommittee in favor of the training subcommittee. The Board also agreed that the consortium should issue “requests for proposals” (RFPs) to identify individuals and groups which may wish to have their TEI training courses certified by the consortium. The training subcommittee is to be asked to recommend specific specifications for the RFPs.

The Workgroup on Manuscript Description. Two recommendations have been put forward. Matthew Driscoll and Merrilee Proffitt are to be asked at a June conference call to undertake the task of reconciling the recommendations. Jan Hajic suggested they invite TEI manuscript projects to provide input.

Board Actions

Action items for Board members before October members meeting:

  • John Unsworth: extension of NEH grant
  • John Unsworth: contact Mulberry Technologies for assistance
  • John Unsworth: ask Virginia press about shipping
  • Julia Flanders: prepare draft of press release
  • Lou Burnard: prepare final press release
  • Claus Huitfeldt: prepare translations of press release
  • John Unsworth: make user survey browsable
  • John Unsworth?: ask workgroups and subcommittees if they want to report at ALLC/ACH 2002
  • All: provide Tone Merete with information for brochure
  • Tone Merete Bruvik: ask Council to comment on brochure content
  • Tone Merete Bruvik: determine deadline for including TEI material in ALLC/ACH folders
  • Tone Merete Bruvik: deliver brochures
  • Lou Burnard: prepare CDs and bring to ALLC/ACH
  • Syd Bauman: solicit suggestions for P5
  • Harold Short: ask Wilhelm Ott if he would like to speak at the TEI luncheon
  • Jan Hajic: talk to Bill Kretschmar about a pre-conference workshop
  • David Chesnutt: talk to NHPRC about subvening TEI memberships for editorial projects
  • David Chesnutt: prepare minutes
  • Julia Flanders: draft for free consulting on grant applications
  • Harold Short: contact European Science Foundation re funding
  • Jan Hajic: talk to Antonio about EU 6thFrame funding
  • Lou Burnard: contact European Cultural Network re funding
  • Claus Huitfeldt: explore European and Japanese foundation funding
  • Harold Short: look into European deposit libraries
  • Julia Flanders: communicate decisions to training subcommittee
  • Syd Bauman: Ask Peter Robinson to chair program committee for ACH/ALLC 2003
  • Sebastian Rahtz/Lou Burnard: Rearrange P4 into PDF chapters
  • Sebastian Rahtz/Lou Burnard: Prepare order forms for P4
  • Sebastian Rahtz/Lou Burnard: Prepare Chapter 2 for separate publication
  • Claus Huitfeldt: contact Christian Wittern re Taiwan foundations
  • Claus Huitfeldt: prepare revised budget
  • John Unsworth, Claus Huitfeldt, Tone Merete Bruvik: organize members business meeting
  • Julia Flanders: present RFP for training at members meeting
  • Executive director: make official announcement of members meeting
  • Jan Hajic: conference call to Council re schemas, P5,and workgroups
  • Julia Flanders: get recommendations from Board for nominees and submit nominations to Board
  • Julia Flanders: announce nominations


Harold Short announced that the Office of Humanities Computing has established a series on practical handbooks and that Peter Robinson is revising his book on digitization and will revise the book on transcription later.

The Board reiterated its desire to have Chapter 2 of P4 issued as a separate publication.

Coordination of ACH, ALLC, & TEI activities.

John Unsworth initiated a discussion on a possible collaboration with the Association for Computers and the Humanities and the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing. Noting that all are small organizations, he suggested that we search for ways of sharing resources and consider the idea of creating an umbrella organization which would encompass all three organizations. Harold Short seconded Unsworth’s proposal. Unsworth and Short agreed to report back to the Board at the annual members meeting.