TEI: Minutes of the TEI-C Board telephone conference held 19 June 2003

Minutes of the TEI-C Board telephone conference held 19 June 2003

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Notes from Lou Burnard, Geoffrey Rockwell

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Lou Burnardfirst draft

TEI-C Board of Directors meeting, 19 June 2003Telephone conferenceLou Burnard

The meeting commenced at 1400 BST, with the following in attendance:

Syd Bauman (SB: North American Editor); Lou Burnard (LB: European Editor); Julia Flanders (JF: Host Representative for Brown University); Claus Huitfeldt (CH: Honorary Treasurer; Host Representative for Bergen University); William A. Kretzschmar, Jr (WK: Elected, November 2002; Alois Pichler (AP: Executive Director, Bergen); Daniel Pitti (DP: Incoming Host Representative, Virginia); Sebastian Rahtz (SR: Host Representative for Oxford University); Peter Robinson (PR: Elected, November 2001); Geoffrey Rockwell (GR: Honorary Secretary; Elected, November 2002); Harold Short (HS: Vice Chair; Elected, November 2001); John Unsworth (JU: Chair; Host Representative for University of Virginia)

  • The previously-circulated agenda was adopted, with two additions
  • The board reviewed outstanding actions from the two previous Board meetings (Prague, May 2002 and Chicago, October 2002). The following items were noted:

    • Inclusion of TEI membership in grant applications. JMU had already lobbied NEH and would continue to do so. DP volunteered to approach the director of NHPRC. HS had approached David Robey, newly appointed IT co-ordinator for the AHRB and would liaise further with him and with LB on the subject. GR was discussing the topic with the head of SSHRC and would circulate a draft approach. (Now available at ).
    • Consultancy on the writing of grant applications. JF had already posted a suitable paragraph (Now available at ). A document listing grant application deadlines for relevant funders would also be useful: AP volunteered to draft one. 1 Sept to circulate draft timetable for funding deadlines
    • LB had continued to lobby for inclusion of TEI support in the eculturenet FP6 proposal. CH had approached two German foundations unsuccessfully; the action on him to discuss possible Japanese sources with Christian Wittern was carried forward. 1 Sept to approach Wittern for information on Japanese funding sources
    • AP had started a document on TEI procedures. 15 Sept to circulate draft document on TEI procedures (BW03)
    • The action on JU to produce a document on recruiting literature was dropped through lack of available funding
    • The formation of SIGs was to be taken up later on the agenda; several I18N issues had been discussed at the TEI Council, and were being addressed within the Meta workgroup.

  • CH summarized the current financial situation (see further documents at ). Income for 2002 had been substantially lower than anticipated in the budget, but this was offset by a surplus from the previous year. Noting that income had been reasonably stable at around $110k for the last two years, the Board suggested that cuts should be made in the proposed 2003 Budget (currently based on income of $150k) to bring it in line with that figure. A number of suggestions were made as to where budgetted expenses might be reduced: these included the training and extraneous travel budgets and also reductions in host expenditure claimed from the budget. 1 July to propose a new budget for 2003, reduced by approx 40K.

    CH requested that accounting and invoicing should be carried out quarterly, and the Board agreed that claims should be submitted within a 30 day window of the end of each quarter henceforth (starting July 31st). The Board also discussed the need for hosts to submit both financial and activity reports on a regular basis. Both reports might be merged into a single document, but it should be easy to extract the financial information, and they should be submitted on the same quarterly basis. 1 July to re-submit the UVA report as two documents following a similar format to that worked on by AP (BMR07)

  • The Board reviewed the statistics presented in AP’s document () and noted that there had been no new div0 members since 2002. PR suggested that in the Netherlands and Germany individual institutions did not have the budget for membership, but that approaches to higher level infastructural organizations such as the KNLAW or DFG might be successful. 22 Julyto approach KNLAW and DFG. 22 Julyto contact Kurt Gartner about possible German library membership. HS noted that individual departments and projects within an institution should also be encouraged to join at lower levels.
  • AP reviewed the status of a number of EU funding proposals in which TEI was named (see ); LB reported that TEI was also named in the eculturenet proposal and a STRP on which he was working with colleagues in Prague and Bulgaria. JU reported that a proposal to develop TEI conformant tools for scholarly authoring would probably be funded by the Mellon foundation. This would provide a 50k grant, starting in August. The Mellon currently wished to route the funds through Oxford rather than through the TEI, despite JU’s counter arguments. At CH’s request, JU agreed to enquire whether the funds could be routed through Bergen for convenience of accounting purposes.
  • JU draw the Board’s attention to concerns expressed at the TEI council about the adoption of this work item by ISO: any changes proposed by the workgroup could not be reverted once the proposal had been taken up by ISO. LB reported that he had now been accepted as official TEI liaison and agreed to check with the workgroup what changes were proposed. 1 Julyto discuss the workgroup’s proposals with Tomaz Erjavec and Laurent Romary and report back.
  • The Board reviewed Council’s recommendations concerning licensing and copyright of TEI products (see , item 9) and endorsed in principle the idea that some form of GPL should be adopted, with the proviso that the conformance chapter of the Guidelines should be treated as invariant text. SR commented that there were several potentially thorny unresolved issues affecting teaching materials, web sites, tutorials etc to be addressed. It was agreed that SB and SR should proceed as far as possible, and report their progress to the Members meeting. 1 Julyto circulate draft GPL copyright notice to the Board
  • PR reported that preparations were in hand for the meeting in Nancy. Speakers so far proposed included Nancy Ide, Kurt Gartner, Henry Thompson, Vincent Quint, James Clark, Jenny Tennison, Robin Cover; Board members were asked to propose others. A 15k budget had been allocated, though 10K should be sufficient and would cover invited speakers’ expenses. It was agreed that the programme should include a slot for proposed SIGs. The Programme Committee comprised PR, Laurent Romary and the editors. 1 Septto request Romary to invite proposals for SIGs and circulate them 1 July to send LB meeting details for inclusion on the website
  • WK reported that the committee chaired by Susan Schreibman had made good progress and now had an agreed slate of six candidates for the two posts on the Board, and of 10 candidates for the six vacancies on the council (see for details). 1 Septto prepare formal notice of election for website in time for nomination deadline of 15 sept.
  • This item was deferred through lack of time: JF was requested to submit a written report for consideration by the Board (now available at ).
  • JU reported that the Council had put forward two suggestions to replace him following his resignation as Chair. After discussion, the Board resolved to approach Christian Wittern, Susan Schreibman, and Matthew Driscoll, in that order. 1 Julyto ask these candidates if they would be willing to serve
  • JU at this point withdrew and HS assumed the role of chair. The Board formally recorded its thanks to JU for his distinguished service as chair. JF was proposed as the new vice-chair and elected nem com.
  • The board agreed that a new logo was needed, and a group comprising JF, GR, and LB/SR was requested to propose one. 1 July to co-ordinate proposals for a new logo
  • HS agreed to circulate a note on this issue. 1 Septto circulate discussion note on co-opting members to the Board

The meeting closed at 1615 BST.