TEI: TEI Board Conference Call: 5 October 2007

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10 October 2007

Chris RuotoloFixed typos as per LB

8 October 2007

Chris RuotoloFirst draft from notes

Chris Ruotolo

The meeting commenced shortly after 1400 UTC, with the following in attendance:

  • Lou Burnard (LB)
  • John Lavagnino (JL)
  • Daniel O’Donnell (DO)
  • Daniel Pitti (DP)
  • Chris Ruotolo (CR)

  • Minutes from the 5 May 2007 Board meeting were approved.

  • Work is nearing completion on P5 and the new website. Two hosting bids for the 2008 Members Meeting have been received. The VP of Finance at Lethbridge has agreed to handle the TEI’s payables and receivables, using Lethbridge’s online banking system. Details should be worked out by the Members Meeting. The Board agreed to table that discussion for now, and take it up in November.

  • DP didn’t have time to prepare a detailed Treasurer’s Report on short notice, but gave a quick financial update. One more host needs to give a financial report in order for DP to pull together the tax report for the IRS; he wants to have it done no later than October 15th. By the Members Meeting, he will have a complete reconciliation for the year, and a report on the tax filing. It’s not yet clear if the financial cushion we had at the beginning of the year still holds. So far, more than $100K has come in in 2007 membership fees. The US dollar’s slide means that the value of the grant moneys put into the TEI coffers last December is now dropping (although expenses incurred in the US are proportionally cheaper). DP should have the financial documents in order at least a week before the MM. He will give a summary at the business meeting and then open it up for questions.

  • Susan Schreibman is doing a wonderful job organizing the meeting, and everything is on track. Registration is almost at 100. The only negative is that most of the granting agencies have backed out at the last minute. There will still be a grants roundtable, but it will be less grand than anticipated. So far, NSF, NEH and DLF are coming; SSHRC and HRC have canceled. The agenda for the business meeting still needs to be planned out; someone needs to take ownership of that. We also need an agenda for the Board meeting on Sunday.

  • SR sent a detailed update to the Board list. The work is progressing well, and it looks like P5 will be delivered on time.

  • The memorandum of agreement relating to the work of ISO/TC 37/SC 4 has been signed.

  • The design work and content revision for the new site are almost complete, but there are performance problems running OpenCMS on the jefferson server, making the site unacceptably slow. Amit Kumar and Shayne Brandon are doing some testing to determine whether the root of the problem is OpenCMS or the server. DP noted that the jefferson server is old and should be replaced. He has asked Shayne to cost out a dedicated server for the website. LB suggested that the website hosting could be outsourced. The new server farm at the U.Va. Library is another possibility.

  • We received a bare bones presentation from Reykyavik, and a strong presentation from CCH at King’s College London. The Board members present felt that London was the stronger bid. The decision will be put to a vote on the Board list over the next ten days or so.

  • While there should be a (more or less) final draft of the Guidelines on the website by the Members Meeting, we won’t be ready to put it in PDF form until perhaps the new year. At JU’s suggestion, DO spoke to Tom Wagner of OmniPress, publisher of the P4 Guidelines. TW laid out the various printing options, which the Board will discuss at the upcoming meeting. DO noted that OmniPress is keen on our business and will adjust their proposal to match our interest — for example, they could provide print on demand with no upfront cost. Other options include companies like lulu.com. Members still value the free printed copy of the Guidelines, which is one of the few concrete membership benefits remaining.

  • A conference on modern information technologies in a written context is planned for August 2008 in Kazan, Tatarstan, and several TEI-affiliated Slavicists (David Birnbaum, Kevin Hawkins, Miranda Remnek) are involved. The organizers are looking for TEI representatives to offer a workshop. They are willing to cover a portion of the travel expenses for two lecturers. A similar event was held last year, but the organizers approached us too late for anyone to attend. However, the event was very successful. LB thinks it’s a good idea and hopes we will participate. We need to decide who the key liaison will be; it could be someone from the Board or the Council. We currently have no budget for the travel expenses not covered by the organizers. JL suggested that we could apply to grants to help fund TEI participation; for example, the British Academy has money for this sort of thing. JL will look into it. DO will respond to the organizers to indicate our interest and get more financial details. We can discuss it further at the upcoming Board meeting.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 15:03 UTC.