TEI: TEI Board Conference Call: 6 June 2011

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Sarah Wells

  • The meeting was certified at ~13:00 UTC, with the following members present: Lou Burnard (LB), Marin Dacos (MD), Wayne Graham (WG), Martin Mueller (MM), Daniel O’Donnell (DO), Laurent Romary (LR), Susan Schreibman (SS), John Walsh (JW), Sarah Wells (SW), and Martin Wynne (MW).

  • SW will be resigning as Treasurer, once a replacement has been selected and trained. MM is in discussions with a possible replacement.

  • New membership requests are currently being sent to Julia Flanders, who then passes them on to SW for processing. This is not ideal, since Flanders is no longer on the Board. In the most recent business meeting in Zadar, the Board agreed to split membership duties out into two functions: the Treasurer sends out invoices and receives payments, and the Membership Secretary works on recruiting and correspondence. However, a new Membership Secretary has not yet been appointed, so in the meantime, the Treasurer can handle membership correspondence. The Board agreed that membership requests should therefore be redirected to the Treasurer, until the position is filled.

  • At the most recent Council meeting in Chicago, there was a discussion about the relationship of the SIG Coordinator position to the Council. SS feels strongly that the SIG Coordinator, while connected to the Council, should also be a Board member or at least participate in Board discussions. The SIGs are directed by the Council, but the SIG Coordinator is most effective when he or she can interact with the Board. DO suggested that it could be an ex offico position. A possible candidate was discussed at the most recently Council meeting and the Board supported the suggested name, so MM will discuss it with the candidate.

    SW has been doubling as Secretary and Treasurer, and asked that the Secretary position be filled. MM wondered why the Board needs both a Membership Secretary and Secretary. LB agreed, pointing out that membership recruitment should be the responsibility of the entire Board. DO noted, though, that the Secretary is the second-in-command after the Chair, and that it does make sense for one person to be responsible for coordinating outreach activities. The Board agreed that one person could handle both tasks but that for the moment it will be remain as two positions.

    MM will send a notice to Board list describing the responsibilities of the open positions and asking for volunteers and nominations.

  • Controlling costs is a major concern, particularly as income from members and subscribers continues to shrink. SS noted that the Board needs to be careful about commiting to travel expenses for meetings. The Chair, Treasurer, and Council Chair must attend the annual Board business meeting, but what of travel costs for other positions? If the SIG Coordinator does indeed participate in Board meetings and a new Membership Secretary is appointed, should the travel costs for those two be covered? It would be helpful to find a way to share those expenses with Board members’ home institutions.

  • LR requested funding for a second Council meeting, probably in Paris later this year. While the Council has been meeting only once a year for the past few years, it is proving increasingly difficult to accomplish all of the Council’s necessary business and to discuss fully the issues at hand. LB supported the idea of a second meeting. However, SW noted that the Council meetings tend to cost between $10,000-12,000, and the proposed 2011 budget does not support that extra cost. LR and LB felt that this is a necessary expense, since face-to-face discussion is vital to the Council’s ability to function and make informed decisions. Part of this proposed meeting will be devoted to folding linguistic issues in and get P5 forward, perhaps through an NEH grant. The Board agreed that a second meeting would be good, but asked LR and LB to submit a rough budget and outline for a second meeting. There would be no commitment on the Board’s part to financing two meetings each year.