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TEI-C Board of Directors meeting, 11 Oct 2002Minutes v1.0Meeting held at the Claridge Hotel, ChicagoLou Burnard

Voting members of the Board present: Julia Flanders; Claus Huitfeldt; Sebastian Rahtz; Peter Robinson; Harold Short; John Unsworth, Chair. Also present: Syd Bauman, Editor; Lou Burnard, Editor; Alois Pichler, Executive Director; Jan Hajic, outgoing Board member.


Apologies had been received from David Chesnutt, Geoffrey Rockwell, and Antonio Zampolli.



    • Geoffrey Rockwell was proposed as Secretary, and appointed nem con. Harold Short was proposed as Vice chair and appointed nem con.

    • The previously circulated agenda was approved.

    • The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and approved, subject to the following correction: costs anticipated per speaker at the Members meeting should be $400, not $1500.

    • Apologies had been received from David Chesnutt and Antonio Zampolli, both of whom had been unable to attend through continued ill health. The Chair expressed sympathy and thanks for their service on behalf of the Board. Thanks were also expressed to the outgoing ACL representative, Jan Hajic, and a welcome expressed to newly elected members (Greg Crane, Bill Kretzschmar, and Geoffrey Rockwell). It was noted that participation in Board Meetings was determined by the Bylaws. 15 octChair to thank all board and council candidates for election; to convey sympathy to AZ and DC; to update Board email list appropriately. 15 OctExecutive Director to notify all elected members of their success


      The Board reviewed the bylaws relating to the date at which newly elected members should take office. A change could be made with the support of either a majority of members or the board. The Board considered alternative strategies such as holding elections by mail before hand, or delaying appointment of new members to the January following their election. It was proposed, and agreed nem con, that the simplest solution would be to remove the sentence Elections will take effect immediately in article 4 of the Bylaws, replacing it with the sentence Terms of office begin at the following January 1st. and the change duly performed. The incoming Executive Director identified a need for a document detailing these and other formal TEI procedures and agreed to work on one. 1 Nov Executive Director to progress document on TEI procedures.


    • Peter Robinson summarized the feedback gathered from participants in the previous day’s Members Meeting, all of which had been very positive. 40 responses had been received; a clear preference (24:11) had been expressed for a longer (1.5 day) meeting, with lunch supplied (16:7). As regards the programme, there had been a clear preference for the keynotes and the more technical reports above the more formal organizational reports, which (it was suggested) might more usefully be placed online or tabled in paper form. Some members said they had found the venue uncomfortable, and complained that there had been insufficient time for discussion, and that the needs of non-English-speaking members had been neglected. The Board expressed thanks and congratulations to the Programme Committee; agreed that an annual report should be prepared before the meeting; and that chairs should take care to enforce proper behaviour on the part of speakers.

      Two proposals had been received to host the next meeting, in France and in Bulgaria. The Board resolved that the proposal to host the annual members meeting in Nancy, submitted by Laurent Romary should be accepted; and that Matthew Driscoll should be requested to co-ordinate organization of a Summer Symposium in Bulgaria. 15 OctChair to request Romary and Driscoll to progress their respective offers.


      It was agreed that Peter Robinson, Syd Bauman, and Laurent Romary should act as Programme Committee for the Members Meeting, 2003; and that Bill Kretschmar, Susan Schreibman and Alejandro Bia be invited to form the Nominating Committee for Members Elections 2003. Guidance should be provided to them on the need to ensure proper diversity in the candidates selected. 20 OctExecutive Director to progress.


    • The Hon Treasurer reviewed the Financial Report for 2002. In discussion, the Board noted that there were travel claims still outstanding from the TEI Council meeting in January, which could not be continued indefinitely. Work carried out under the NEH work should also be billed and reported without delay. 1 NovOxford had still to invoice the consortium for an estimated $20K due in 2002. 1 NovExecutive Director to remind all potential claimants of deadline for submitting claims. It was also agreed that, in allocating limited funds, preference should be given to work group activities above Council, and to the Council above the Board. However, no costs for workgroup or council travel were anticipated in the current year; any surplus should be allocated to professional production of recruiting material. It was agreed to set up a subcommittee of the Board to produce effective marketing literature, comprising the Chair, the Executive Director, Julia Flanders and Lou Burnard. n.d.To progress design and production of recruiting literature with subgroup, funds permitting.


      The Board then reviewed the PreliminaryBudget for 2003. There was some discussion as to whether the Certification program (included as cost neutral in the budget) should be included, since the Training Subgroup had recommended against using Training as a source of income. It was suggested that some proportion of the gate from any official TEI courses (for example those provided in response to the TEI RFP) ought to be donated to the TEI. It was also suggested that a modest entrance fee (e.g. $50) should be charged for next year’s members meeting.


      The underspend on the NEH grant allocated for 2002 did not yet feature in the 2003 Budget, although it was intended to roll it over. 1 DecChair to provide full NEH acccounting for 2002 to Bergen. 14 DecExecutive Director to provide revised TEI Budget for 2003.


      Since NEH funding could not justifiably be spent on Board or Council meeting expenses, it was resolved to cancel the next Board face-to-face meeting, and to move the provisionally-planned next meeting of the Council to May. No further TEI workgroups would be chartered until the funding position improved. The Board would next meet at the Members Meeting in 2003. The Council would hold a telephone conference call at a date to be determined within the next two months. 15 OctChair to organize Council conference call.


    • Several potential sources of funding had been identified during the Members Meeting. The EU might be approached for support of the 2003 members meeting, as might the IMLS. The European Science Foundation seemed to offer possibilities, as did the EU 6th Framework programme. Soros and similar foundations should be approached for the Bulgarian training meeting. Funding approaches should not need to wait until the draft for P5 was available, (provisionally next spring); FP6 for example needed urgent attention. March/May 03Harold Short to report on ESF funding possibilities. March/May 03Executive Director, in combination with HS and LB, to report on EU funding possibilities. March/May 03Laurent Romary to seek funding in support of 2003 Members Meeting. March/May 03Matthew Driscoll to seek funding in support of 2003 Training Workship. March/May 03Julia Flanders to pursue funding possibilities from NEH for library training witrh Nancy Kushigian. 1 NovLou Burnard to pass on German contact for corpus development project to Claus Huitfeldt, who had an outstanding action to seek German funding sources.

    • The Migration group had started work, and would be meeting tomorrow.


      The suggestion for formation of SIGs having been very positively received, the Board discussed some implementation issues. It was agreed that some kind of protocol should be agreed: e.g. their relationship with the council;, the requirement that their members should be Consortium members, that they should be formed by individual members. Mid NovThe Chair agreed to produce a draft protocol for the formation and activities of TEI Special Interest Groups for discussion, in collaboration with Peter Robinson and Harold Short.


      An ADHOC committee had recently been formed to review questions about better co-operation between the TEI, NINCH, ACH, ALLC and STS. Topics discussed included: a single publicn of record (probably LLC); cross-organization membership fees; a standard protocol for panel proposals; a consistent policy on internationalization (I18N) issues; an electronic publication; a framework for regional chapters. Julia Flanders is the TEI representative, and the next meeting is at the end of May 2003.


  • CH proposed setting up a Board subcommittee to address problems of I18N as they affected the TEI in particular. 14 Feb 03Claus Huitfeldt to draft a charter for such a group, with assistance from Alejandro Bia and Laurent Romary.


    Claus Huitfeldt announced that he was stepping down as head of Acsis at Bergen; the Board so noted, and expressed the hope that Bergen would share their desire to see him continue as Bergen representative on the Board.


    Jan Hajic, attending his last meeting, was formally thanked for his contribution by the Board.


    The meeting adjourned at 1800 hours for dinner.