TEI: TEI Board Minutes: 2012-11-10 & 2012-11-11

TEI Board Minutes: 2012-11-10 & 2012-11-11

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TEI Board Minutes for Saturday, 2012-11-10, 12:30-14:00


  • Marjorie Burghart (MB)
  • Lou Burnard (LB)
  • James Cummings (JC)
  • Laura Mandell (LM)
  • Martin Mueller (MM)
  • Elena Pierazzo (EP), Chair
  • David Sewell (DS)
  • John Unsworth (JU), Treasurer
  • John Walsh (JW), Secretary
Posted Agenda

  • TEIJ: copy editing and multilingualism
  • Website: specs, host
  • TAPAS (possibly to be moved on the Sunday session)

  • Board agrees that it does not approve of idea of whole issue devoted to another language. Concerns of tokenization/ghettoization of the non-English issue. Board would prefer to accept the occasional non-English article.
  • Approve to continue $1000 per issue for copy-editing. TEI-J will continue to submit and annual budget/report detailing how the money has been spent.

  • Discussion postponed until Sunday, 2012-11-11.

Back-office & financial issues

  • Further discussion of back-office issues that JU related in earlier Business Meeting.
  • JU provided more details on the functionality of the Apricot system for managing membership.
TEI Endowment

  • Board discussed using current TEI funds to start a TEI endowment. The purpose of the endowment would be to ensure the longevity of the Guidelines and to fund Council activities in perpetuity. If other funding streams were eliminated, Council work could continue with income from the endowment.
  • Estimated that TEI has approximately $200,000 that could be used to start an endowment.
  • Discussed possibility of using the creation of an endowment as a way to get larger one-time contributions from stakeholder institutions.
  • Action item (JU): Investigate issues related to starting an endowment and the income that could reasonably be expected from the endowment.

  • Discussion postponed until Sunday, 2012-11-11.
TEI Board Minutes for Sunday, 2012-11-11, 8:30-15:30


  • Marjorie Burghart (MB)
  • Lou Burnard (LB)
  • James Cummings (JC)
  • Laura Mandell (LM)
  • Martin Mueller (MM)
  • Elena Pierazzo (EP), Chair
  • David Sewell (DS)
  • John Unsworth (JU), Treasurer
  • John Walsh (JW), Secretary
Posted Agenda


  • Governance: Martin M. proposal
  • Members: fees and roles

  • The back office: the TEI shop, collection of membership fees, record keeping, etc.
  • Outreach
  • TAPAS (if not dealt on Saturday)
  • Any other business

Meeting begins approximately 8:30am local time.


  • Discussed proposal to streamline Board and Council, reducing members of each body, and reducing travel costs.
  • Agreement to reduce Board to 5 elected members and Council to 10 elected members.
  • Agreement to appoint officers from among elected members (for both Board and Council).
  • The exception to this is the Board Treasurer, who may be a non-elected individual.
Selection of Board & Council Chairs.

  • Each body shall select its own chair from among the elected members.
  • If one body cannot select a chair, the other body shall appoint a chair, preferably an elected member, but optionally a non-elected individual. E.g., If the Council is unable to select a Chair from among its own members, the Board may appoint a Council member to serve as Council Chair. If an elected Council member is not willing or able to serve as Chair, then the Board may appoint another (non-elected) individual to serve as Council Chair.

  • Agreement to abolish the role of non-voting partner board members, which was generally seen by both the Board and Partners to be an unsatisfactory mechanism for recognizing the contributions of partners and receiving input and feedback from partners.
Board appointments to Council & Board/Council Communications

  • As discussed above, Board will no longer appoint the Council Chair, except in cases where the Council is unable to appoint their own Chair.
  • Board will continue to have the option to appoint a “Board Representative” to appoint a non-voting Board representative to the Council. Currently this is a voting position, so the non-voting status is a change.
  • Council Chair will automatically be subscribed to Board email list. Board Chair automatically subscribed to Council email list.
  • Joint Council-Board email list for all members of Council and Board will be instituted (DS)
Travel costs

  • Discussion of ceasing subsidized Board travel.
  • Concerns about excluding participation from less well-funded individuals/institutions.
  • Decided to continue subsidy (with recently instituted limits).
  • Recognition that the TEI’s priority is funding for Council. Funding for Board is secondary and will be further reduced or eliminated if necessary due to budgetary constraints.
  • TEI will encourage elected members of both Board and Council to seek support from home institution and to use funding from other sources for travel before requesting support from TEI.
Discussion Treasurer as paid position with additional duties (e.g., communications).

  • Since Board is now paying for bookkeeping services and JU is instituting new infrastructure for managing membership, it was decided to postpone discussion of this issue. The hope is that the paid bookkeeper and new infrastructure will reduce the workload and eliminate the need for a paid staff position devoted to these tasks.
Additional Discussion of partnerships

  • General discussion of abolishing/redefining the role of partner.
  • Concern that TEI needs to pay for essential services (rather than rely on partners) or be in a bind when volunteer effort goes away.
  • Also need a way to recognize those institutions (e.g. Oxford) providing extra services.
Members: fees and roles

  • Discussed renaming membership levels using vocabulary common for other charities that list donors, e.g.”Sustaining Member” for extra high level of support. In any case, there was unanimous agreement to do away with the “numbered div” nomenclature for membership levels.
  • Those institutions contributing at the highest level (or providing a high level of service to the TEI?) would have the option to have their logos listed on TEI homepage and in other venues (e.g., conference programs, Guidelines?)
  • Membership levels should not be keyed to size of institution or size of economy but to an institution’s (or project’s) choice on contribution level.
  • Allow members to include a “TEI Member” badge on relevant web pages and publications.
  • LM suggested the possibility of some sort of peer-review or badge of TEI Conformance as a service for members.
Brainstorming on membership and current and potential benefits for members:

  • Discount on ACCESS TEI
  • Discount on TAPAS
  • Discounts on other services not provided by TEI (Brown workshops, Summer Workshops, etc.)
  • Arianna (other Europeans) to work on memberships from Europe.
  • Discount to conference.
  • oxygen Discount
  • explore Saxon discounts
  • Allow members to sponsor sessions at the conference?
  • Ways to increase membership income:
  • Target lower level support. If a member decides to leave, try to negotiate membership at a lower levee.
  • Target Europe, esp. Germany
  • Individual memberships: $50 individuals / $25 students
  • New badges for members and sponsors
  • Vote for individual members? After some debate, agreement that all members (institutions at all levels and individuals) should all get an equal vote. General feeling was that the vote is not something coveted by institutions, and institutions will not mind if individuals get an equal vote.
  • Action item (MM): to survey some library directors about TEI membership issues.
The back office

  • Discussed on 2012-11-10 and replaced on today’s agenda with a discussion of the TEI web site.
The TEI web site

  • Internationalization. Unanimous agreement, in principle, that TEI site should be internationalized, but concern over practicality, maintenance, sustainability.
  • Volunteer effort vs. paid model. We could probably find volunteers to do some translation work, but volunteer model may not be sustainable, especially with frequent updates to TEI content.
  • Some automated notification system to notify volunteer (or paid) translators about changes may help in keeping up with content changes.
  • Three major issues to consider in migrating site from Virginia:
  • hosting (possible ADHO solution discussed)
  • architecture & design
  • Suggestions for this piece included developing specs and issuing an RFP (to TEI community and/or to professional web design firms)
  • migration
  • Web site working group:
  • David S. and John U.
  • Action item (JC): JC will ask for one or two people from Council to serve on web site working group.
  • Action item (Web site working group, DS, JU, et al.): Updated web site specs for January.
  • Usability studies on web site:
  • Action item (EP & LM): Contact Claire Warick (EP) and/or Johanna Drucker (LM) about possible usability studies on TEI web sit


  • Update list of tools
  • Outreach to tool developers
  • Marjorie talks about some skepticism towards TEI from developer community, e.g., TEI “too complicated”, interoperability issues
  • Lou does not disagree totally with Marjorie 🙂
  • Get more TEI tools into Bamboo dirt wiki (and similar venues)
TEI Getting Started Guide

  • Action item (EP): Ask Arianna if she will lead group to complete the TEI Getting Started guide. (Arianna was involved in initial work on the Guide.)

  • Action item (JW): Create comprehensive list of online and in-person training opportunities.
  • Action item (JW): Survey of syllabi that include TEI (useful also for Laura in recruiting members).
  • Action item (EP and MB): Create Outreach Working Group (consisting initially of EP and MB) to coordinate outreach efforts.
  • LM suggests that any member should be able to submit news on blog.
  • Discussion of mechanism for community news submissions.
  • Form on tei-c.org?
  • Apricot facilities?
Appointment of Officers for 2013

  • Laura M. selected to serve as Membership Secretary
  • John W. selected to continue as Secretary
  • John U. selected to continue as Treasurer

  • Brown has notified TEI that Brown is probably not an option for long-term hosting/sustainability of TAPAS.
  • Issues for consideration:
  • Can/should TEI “own” TAPAS?
  • Can/should TEI be a partner on TAPAS with another group such as the HathiTrust?
  • Can/should a TEI member sit on TAPAS board?
  • JU suggests that TEI host TAPAS, but not guarantee preservation. For preservation of content, TAPAS/TEI should partner with library repository.
  • JC suggests that TEI be involved but not take ownership yet.
  • LB also cautious: analogous systems being developed in Europe, and TEI should not endorse one particular solution.
  • Many note that an easy way to publish TEI documents is something that has been requested by TEI members and the larger community.
  • JW (following suggestions from the rest of the group) moves to respond positively, e.g., Yes, TEI wants a strong relationship with TAPAS and would welcome the opportunity to have a member on the advisory board. Details about ownership, exclusivity, etc. may be worked out later. General agreement on this proposal.
Action items related to previously discussed issues of governance and membership

  • Action item (MM): Produce a summary of by-laws changes and a detailed document with old language stricken and new language highlighted.
  • Action item (JU & MM): Revise membership levels/prices/names.
  • Action item (DS): Set up joint Board-Council email list to facilitate Board-Council communication. As an extension of the regular Board list, this list will also be private.
  • Action item (EP with help as requested): Contact partner institution representatives to alert them of proposed elimination of TEI “Partner” status.
Revisiting of Partner issue

  • Further discussion of Partner role. Discussed possibility of Oxford and TGE Adonis withdrawing financial and other support after elimination of partner role.

Meeting adjourned approximately 3:30pm local time.