TEI: TEI Board Minutes: Conference Call 2013-02-13

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Information about the source

In Attendance

  • Elena Pierazzo (EP)
  • Lou Burnard (LB)
  • Arianna Ciula (AC)
  • James Cummings (JC)
  • Laura Mandell (LM)
  • Martin Mueller (MM)
  • David Sewell (DS)
  • John Unsworth (JU)
  • John Walsh (JW)
  • Glen Worthey (GW)

Apologies: Sophie David (SD)


  • Minutes and apologies
  • communication with the members — results of the survey and discussion
  • conference update
  • treasurer update
  • TEI-journal: support for copy editing and managing editor
  • Getting started
  • website update

  • JW agrees to take minutes and release them quickly.
  • Recommendation to select minutes-taker in advance of future meetings.
Discussion of Communication with Members

  • Board Chair EP had sent a short 4-question survey about communication (topics, frequency of communication, management of communication efforts) to Board members. After briefly reviewing the survey results, discussion focused on producing a regular Newsletter from the TEI to members.
Brainstorming on Possible Topics for Newsletter and Who Might Be Responsible for Different Sections

  • Making TEI friendly. (LM)
  • How money is spent. (EP/JU)
  • Council activities. (JC)
  • Outreach activities (TEIJ, Members Meeting) (JW)
  • Update on 2013 Conference and Members Meeting (AC)
  • Members voice: JW suggested a regular section featuring a particular TEI member and how TEI is being used in their institution, project, etc. Decided to defer this section for a subsequent newsletter, in order to get a first newsletter out more quickly.
  • Action Item (LM, EP, JU, JC, JW, AC): Have drafts of sections in one week.
Report on upcoming Members Meeting

  • CFP and website published.
  • JU exploring hosted version of conftool. Proposal to move to hosted conftool approved.
Treasurer’s Report (JU)

  • Since meeting in Texas migration of treasurer activities from Sarah Wells/Virgina to JU/Brandeis has been completed.
  • JU provided update on current membership, paid dues, outstanding invoices.
  • JU reported more on the membership tool and many functionalities/services it offers. Encouraged Board to explore and use membership tool.
European membership efforts

  • Arianna communicated with CLARIN, who will be joining at $250 level and is also interested in closer collaboration with TEI.
  • Arianna also reports that the new Italian Associazione per l’Informatica Umanistica e la Cultura Digitale is receptive and may become a TEI member.
  • Lou reports on DARIAH’s activities, important role of TEI, and discussions about DARIAH’s planned efforts to offer some TEI-related training.
TEI Journal

  • TEI-J has requested a second round of funding, at the same amount per issue ($1000), for copy editing. Board previously agreed to continue the copy-editing funding at current levels, with expectation that Board will continue to receive annual reports on the Journal. Action item (EP & JU): Elena will communicate to TEI-J decision to continue copy editing funding, and EP will work with JU to get the funds to TEI-J.
  • Martin Holmes enthusiastically approved as new Technical Editor for TEI-J.
Discussed Possibility of Resuming Work on Getting Started With TEI Document

  • Something was lost in the minuting of this item
Web site migration (DS)

  • DS is working on implementing the deprecation of TEI P4 in the web site.
  • DS and Kevin Hawkins (from Council) intend to produce a migration plan, but need to know the target environment/platform to do adequate planning.
  • JU reminds us about the possibility of bartering financial services for hosting/sys admin services from ADHO. The ADHO option would provide a standard, hosted Linux environment, with lots of flexibility.