TEI: TEI Board Minutes: Google Hangout 2016-03-08

Published on TEI-C website, 2016-07-03


In attendance:

  • Michelle Dalmau (MD)
  • Martin Mueller (MM)
  • Kathryn Tomasek (KT)
  • Pip Wilcox (PW)

Apologies: Marjorie Burghart (MB), John Unsworth (JU)

Action Items

  • MM to prepare and issue CFP for Conference/Members’ Meeting
  • MD to check on whether messages from KT to Board list are going through to the rest of the Board
  • MD to ask web team about expiration date of current website CMS
  • PW to set up wiki page to start user profile discussion, preparatory to advising on website redevelopment
  • MD to find info from Library SIG for PW
  • MD to update business meeting with link to Social Media Coordinator report
  • MD to check in with MM re: Membership Secretary position for By-Laws
  • MD to check By-Laws for when to convene election committee

No decisions to report from this meeting.


    Meeting Procedures and Other Announcements

      Volunteer for Minutes Reviewer

      Status of January minutes; summary to TEI-L

    Review Board Meeting Minutes for February 2016 (approve over email)

    2016 Conference/Members’ Meeting Update

      Martin Mueller: appointed Conference Correspondent (liaise between local organizers and TEI Board)

      Martin Mueller: appointed Chair of Program Committee

      Report highlights from 2/29 Skype meeting with local organizers (Martin)

      Pending Issues from Email Communications

        Supporting non-English sessions

        A conference planning timeline

    TEI-C web site Redesign: Update (Michelle)

    TEI-C Social Media Coordinator Report (Michelle)

      Questions about the Report (see email)

      Update Business Meeting Minutes with link to report (Michelle)

      Reappoint Decision (decide over email)

    TEI-C Board Decision Tracking on the wiki:

    TEI-C in Five Years


1.0 Meeting Procedures and Other Announcements

1.1 Volunteer for Minutes Reviewer–We do not need a minutes reviewer now that we are using Google Docs.

1.2 Status of January minutes; summary to TEI-L–KT is running behind; these will be on the website next week, with summary message to list.

2.0 Review Board Meeting Minutes for February 2016

The minutes were approved.

3.0 2016 Conference/Members’ Meeting Update

3.1 Martin Mueller was appointed Conference Correspondent, to liaise between the local organizers and the TEI Board.

3.2 Martin Mueller was also appointed Chair of the Program Committee.

3.3 MM reported on his positive Skype meeting with the local organizers on a29 February. He has invited Elisa Beshero-Bondar (Pittsburgh) and Martina Scholger (Graz) from Council; he will also invite Janelle Jenstad (UVic).

3.4 MM is ready to send out a cfp (ACTION ITEM-MM), with proposals due May 15 and acceptances promised by June 15. He expects to have the program complete by the end of June. He notes that he has contracted with conftool.

3.5 MM proposed that the program should time for discussion of the role of Council at some point during the meeting. He wishes to emphasize his sense that Council is the heart of the organization.

3.6 MM noted his desire to emphasize importance of good audio-visual support for the conference. There was a suggestion and general agreement that we budget for technicians beyond the usual work hours. We agreed that TEI funds may be used for this purpose as needed.

3.7 Pending issues about the conference from email communications included support for non-English sessions. There was some discussion, with agreement that the question is related to how multilingual the TEI can be, both in the conference and in the journal. There was general agreement that the local hosts could offer a non-English panel. There was also some discussion of the timeline for planning the conference.

4.0 TEI-C web site Redesign: Update (Michelle)

4.1 Discussion included plans to reconvene the committee/work group as well as questions about whether to keep the site TEI-native. It was noted that Nick Homenda’s term ends in December, and thus the new Board will probably have to appoint a new assistant webmaster. We expect to hear more at the April Board meeting.

4.2 Further discussion included general agreement that we should consider our audience, with a suggestion that key audiences are people with responsibility for institutional memberships as well as graduate students. There was reference to user profiles that were discussed in an earlier conversation. There was agreement on developing a small set of questions to survey senior colleagues who support/encourage membership and newer colleagues to TEI as well as a more general survey (Survey Monkey) to a larger group, e.g. DHSI list, when we have a beta version of the new site. It was noted that the TEI list covers only one small group of users; other constituencies include TEI in libraries, JTEI. And there was discussion of positioning information for for deans and people in decision-making positions, with reference to work of MD and to Kevin Hawkins on “how to talk about the TEI to your dean”–from Library SIG work: http://wiki.tei-c.org/index.php/TEI_Libraries_SIG_Manifesto (libraries pov) as well as to the needs of users in libraries. Discussion also included such platform issues as the current outdated CMS, which has technical problems and is no longer supported.

ACTION ITEM–PW to set up wiki page to start user profile discussion, preparatory to advising on website redevelopment. The platform will likely be WordPress, with discussion of wireframe for TEI content.

5.0 TEI-C Social Media Coordinator Report (Michelle)

5.1 There was some discussion of questions about the a report, with reference to email thread. Michelle will update the 2015 Business Meeting Minutes with a link to the report (Michelle). -ACTION ITEM: Convene election committee for 2017+

5.2 Discussion on whether to reappoint will take place over email, with the goal of MD’s being able to act next week.

6.0 TEI-C Board Decision Tracking

6.1 MD has set up a place for tracking Board decisions on the wiki:

7.0 TEI-C in Five Years

7.1 Discussion included reference to the TEI in libraries paper by Michelle Dalmau and Kevin Hawkins, as well as the need to communicate to the broadest possible audience the what, why and how of the TEI. It was noted that perhaps customization should not be the first introduction to the TEI, while at the same time customization is at the core of the TEI in that even a simple schema is a “customization” of the TEI. There was discussion of leading with a basic model as well as some information as well about how to do some basic display or querying of the texts: introduction to regular expressions, XSLT, and so forth. It was suggested that we might add discussion of this topic to the Members’ Meeting agenda.