TEI: TEI Board Minutes: Google Hangout 21 July 2016


  • Marjorie Burghardt (MB)
  • Hugh Cayless (HC)
  • Michelle Dalmau (MD)
  • Kevin Hawkins (KH)
  • Martin Mueller (MM)
  • Kathryn Tomasek (KT)
  • John Unsworth (JU)
  • Pip Willcox (PW)

Action Items

  1. MM to schedule meeting space for Board for Tuesday.
  2. KH, MD and Claudia to complete work on copyright statement following Claudia’s suggestion from email.
  3. PW to check with Nick H about capabilities of voting technology.
  4. MD to follow up on plans for commissioning a study


Meeting Procedures and Other Announcements

The meeting was quorate.

March 2016 Minutes and April 2016 Minutes were approved and posted.

June 2016 minutes were approved to be posted before August 1.

2016 Members’ Meeting and Conference Update (MM)

Conference Program

The conference program is nearly set. Need to assign moderators. Perhaps best to wait until we know who is attending.

Scheduling the Board Meeting

Ideally, we would like some overlap with Council meeting, which will be held all day on Sunday and Monday and half day Tuesday.

  • There will be a memorial event in honor of Sebastian Rahtz in Oxford on 27 September. Because James Cummings will be at the Council meeting, PW will be attending the service to represent DHOxSS. It is hoped there will be an opportunity for James and others to join remotely. Others welcome.
  • JU will be attending ACRL in Washington, D.C. on 27 & 28 September. Possibly Skype in to deliver budget report. (With backup recording ahead of time.)

Board to meet for half day on Tuesday. Council in morning, joint lunch, with a half or three-quarters of an hour on either side to fine tune Whither TEI discussion. Board to meet in the afternoon. Action Item: MM to schedule meeting space for Board Meeting on Tuesday, September 27.

Problematic Copyright Statement in ConfTool

Reviewed latest reply to our proposed revisions to the copyright statement from Claudia. We agree with Claudia’s proposal to have everyone accept the current statement, followed by an email from the Chair to TEI-L about implicit agreement to publish abstracts in conference materials with authors maintaining rights. The Local Hosts will contact the authors about assigning a CC-BY license. Action Item: KH, MD and Claudia will work on this.

“Whither TEI?” Session

Will be final plenary between 1:30 and 4:30 on Friday. Council will take charge of the program and will serve as facilitators of this session. There was some discussion of where MM’s position paper fits in here. Council has talked about posing questions to audience; make the session a discussion. We will use the TEI list for seeding the discussion and capture responses to the wiki.

Election Update for 2017 (Pip)

PW outlined procedure and results:

  • 5 open places for the TAPAS board, 8 standing
  • 5 open places for the Technical Council, 8 standing
  • 2 open places for the Board, 2 standing [Note: There are 3 open places on the Board, not 2 as reported in the call. This error was picked up shortly after the call, and email discussion ensued about ways to get sufficient accepted nominations.]

What would be the procedure in this case? Possibility of adding a write-in line, if the voting software, OpaVote, allows for it; do the same for TAPAS and Council, though this brings potential issues of not having been asked to stand.

Voting to open 22 August

TEI-C Website, Phase 1 Migration (KH/MD)

Update on Bids

Reference to email info about bid from KH; KH is negotiating with LibUX and will be in touch with MD and JU for contract review and signatures.

Call to replace Web Administrators?

Waiting to hear from Nick about his intentions; KH assures that most is well documented, hopes that what is left will be manageable by one web site admin, especially after the WordPress migration.

Tabled for discussion over email.

TAPAS Update (MD)

Reporting Requirements

MD was contacted by Julia Flanders (JF) about TAPAS reporting requirements for this year.

How to track TEI-C members using TAPAS in Wild Apricot? Is there a TAPAS-specific membership category that can be used for reporting?

JU reminds us that TEI-C membership is a requirement for using TAPAS so the question is: how many active members does TAPAS have?

TAPAS-led survey for reporting use/impact

TAPAS-led Survey for Reporting Use/Impact

JF planning Survey TEI Community about value and use of TAPAS–solicits questions from Board if we have any particular questions

  • What is TAPAS delivering proportional to investment (Equivalent to question of how many active users)
  • Do you consider a valuable member benefit?
  • Did you join the TEI because of TAPAS?

MD to Skype in with JF in mid-August with summary of discussion.

Please post to list asap with additional questions.

Proposal for Community Development of a TEI-Aware XML Editor for Teaching (MB & HC)

See Compelling TEI-L Discussion for the Need of Lightweight XML Editor for Teaching the TEI

How can we incentivize this work? Commission, as part of the Rahtz Award, some other way?

Discussion of Elena Gonzales-Blanco’s web-based TEI Scribe–was posted to list in alpha release

JEdit being investigated; TEI Scribe as well;

A training SIG probably premature; education SIG is inactive; probably orthogonal to Q of what it would take to produce a free TEI editor;

Good idea not to make it too big a project; start hands-on; commission a study; 1,000 – 2,000 dollars or Euros–try to find someone actually looking into this; with conclusion that if it isn’t possible to get more than 60% of features….

MD to continue discussion over email

Administrative Tasks for Outsourcing (Michelle)

See wiki document.

KH has added some comments.

JU notes that most listed would be covered.

Discussion to go back to email, and JU to let MD know whether anything should be added.