TEI: TEI: TEI-C Board Meeting 2018-09-11

Meeting in person, Tokyo


Attendees: Kathryn Tomasek (KG), Michelle Dalmau (MD), Georg Vogeler (GV), Martina Scholger (MS), Luis Menes (LM), Laurent Romary (LR), Kyonori Nagasaki (KN) partially

Excused: Hugh Cayless (HC)


  • Meeting Procedures and Other Announcements
    • Approve minutes of August meeting
  • Conference and Members’ Meeting
    • Renewed request for slides for business meeting on Wednesday
    • Are corrections needed to slide deck?
  • Updates
    • Letter of support was circulated to Board/Council list and sent to Marjorie Burghart for her DARIAH proposal.
    • Website–Luis
    • Other old business?
  • Planning Board Activities for the Final Quarter of 2018
    • call for hosting of TEI2020 and TEI2021
      • Opportunity for joint meeting with TPDL in Europe–Laurent
    • Membership
      • Status of membership drive
      • Institutional memberships
    • Annual Report
      • Formal document to include
      • When to prepare
      • When to distribute
      • How to distribute
    • Strategic Planning
      • Where do we want the TEI to be in five years? Ten years?
    • Grants
      • Past practices?
      • TEI Access as referenced on website
  • Any other business


Action Items

  • KT, GV to prepare the call for conference hosting 2020 and 2021
  • LM to organise membership drive switch on/off and revision of slogans
  • HC to consult with Virtual on changing fiscal year to Sept-Aug
  • KT/MS to draft annual report with aid of volunteers
  • HC/Virtual to evaluate financial situation / budget space for new activities
  • KT to check with John on TEI Access-program


Meeting Procedures and Other Announcements

Conference and Members’ Meeting


  • Voting:
    • current status:
      • individual members: 62 votes, 59 still awaiting
      • institutional: 27 votes, 9 still awaiting
  • KT has sent a reminder email to TEI-L and MD to the Members via Wild Apricot
  • jTEI
    • assistant in LeMans funded by by TEI-C is hired
  • Letter of support for Marjorie Burghart’s DARIAH proposal was circulated to Board/Council list and sent to Marjorie.
    • Thank you, Martina!
    • Martina and Kathryn have received copies of the submission. Copies upon request; Letter is stored in Google-Drive.
  • Website–Luis
    • Move to WordPress is finished. The new site is much easier to use
    • Follow-up on aftermath of ADHO server fail: see evaluation of the situation below

Planning Board Activities for the Final Quarter of 2018



  • KT, GV to prepare the call



    • Status of membership drive
      • Dates for periodic use of banner
        • favorite seasons: end of year (Nov-Dec), in time before conference (July-Aug)
        • take it down Sept 20th
      • Call for Slogans in March (2019)


  • LM to organise this (in cooperation with membership coordinator)


  • Institutional memberships
    • be aware of sending out renewal reminder in time (before end of the year)

Composition of Annual Report


Communication Board to Community

  • Posting minutes on TEI-L (incl. highlights)?
  • More News: ideas “monthly digest”, announce conference etc., council news
  • Twitter feed?
    • Who to encourage?

Strategic Planning?

Where do we want the TEI to be in five years? Ten years?

We discussed the following questions as possibilities:

    • Grants
      • Support grants in the community by Letter of Supports
      • remind partners of the possibility to include contributions to the TEI in the proposal (institutional membership).
      • TEI as mediator or applicant for grants? No current practice.
    • Sharing the Logo etc.
      • TEI is willing to support activities featuring the TEI, if there is no money involved
    • Funding support by TEI-C?
      • do we want to institutionalize?
      • keep room for technical activities, e.g. additional meetings, support for volunteer contributors, infrastructure
  • HC/Virtual to evaluate financial situation / budget for new activities
    • Free membership for workshops members
      • The process is not very well established and cumbersome. Can we set up a better process or should cancel it due to administrative overhead?
      • publicity?
    • How to attract members?
      • What is the benefit?
        • e.g. Tapas access
        • Oxygen-free-licences?
        • Give visibility to private companies?
      • Update Website on membership?
    • Council
      • enlarge?
      • prolong the terms? And keep turn-over?
      • establish roles liek “volunteer members” or “deputies” to involve more people?
    • TEI Access
      • Service and Member Benefit in partnership with APEX in which the TEI-C serves as an aggregator for the outsourcing of digitization and encoding (following TEI Tite guidelines).


  • KT to check status of TEI Access with John Unsworth
  • bring forward to next meeting

Technical infrastructure

  • Current infrastructural need:
    • Council with root service for Jenkins, ROMA, Oxgarage etc.
    • Board with GUI oriented services for Website, documentation (wiki, files), jTEI, administrative databases, mailing-list
  • Current solutions:
    • administrative: Wild Apricot, Virtual
    • Mailing lists: teil-l/Board/Council: Northeastern, nabble (for the archive)
    • jTEI: OJS@ADHO
    • Website: Wordpess@ADHO
    • Wiki: mediawiki@ADHO
    • Jenkins (UVic, Paderborn)
    • Council anything else ADHO
  • Documentation / Agreements
    • Which software is involved?
    • Do we have official agreements? Do we need them?
  • Possible solutions
    • replace payment from institutional members by in-kind contributions in form of technical infrastructure?
  • Management of passwords
    • LM to set up keepass file. Update passwords as well.

Any other business