TEI: TEI-C Board Meeting Minutes 2017-09-14


  • Hugh Cayless (HC)
  • Michelle Dalmau (MD), chair
  • Kiyonori Nagasaki (KN)
  • Laurent Romary (LR)
  • Kathryn Tomasek (KT)
  • John Unsworth (JU)
  • Pip Willcox (PW), notes


  • JU: update travel reimbursement guidelines and instructions
  • JU, MD, LR: find a time to meet online and walk through Wild Apricot
  • MD: request previous 3 years’ membership income details from Virtual, Inc
  • All: encourage more TEI/TAPAS nominations (nominations extended until 20 September 2017)
  • KN: on behalf of nominating committee, send emails to nominees who have already been nominated
  • KN: on behalf of nominating committee, send out emails as new nominees come in
  • KN: create spreadsheet to monitor and ensure accuracy of progress around nominations
  • HC and MD: identify a time and place for the joint Council and Board meeting/get-together in Victoria
  • MD: assess progress on conference documentation and assign tasks by email as necessary
  • LR: provide dates for Darmstadt TEI workshop
  • LR: provide TEI logo to Darmstadt for the workshop


  • Meeting Procedures and Other Announcements
  • Virtual, Inc. Update (John & Michelle)
  • Budget Planning for 2018 (Michelle)
  • Update Nominations/Elections (Kiyonori)
  • Update on MM/Conference for 2017 (Kathryn)
  • Update on MM/Conference for 2018 and 2019 (Michelle)
  • Board and Council Meetings for 2017 (Michelle & Hugh)
  • Status of Feb/March/April 2018 TEI Event in Germany (Laurent)

Meeting Procedures and Other Announcements

Our May minutes have been approved over email and were posted by Kevin Hawkins on 28 August 2017.

MD will contact Luis Meneses and Kevin Hawkins for posting to the web site.

Virtual, Inc. Update (John & Michelle)

JU and MD had a conference call with Virtual Inc about finances on 12 September 2017.

JU, MD and LR to find time online to walk through Wild Apricot.

Virtual have had access to the bank details for the last year. Tim Naughton (Senior Analyst, Client Advisory) will come to the Members’ Meeting in Victoria and be on hand for the financial reporting session.

MD has requested Tim provide membership income over the past 3 years. This will inform our work on the membership drive.

JU will update details on travel reimbursement contact details. At this point he will rephrase the public guidelines and our internal guidelines to reflect practice: economy air fares and fair hotel prices.

Virtual will collect requests for reimbursements and send the to the Treasurer and Chair for approval. Virtual will not reimburse or recuse payments autonomously.

This process is true for any payables. The Treasurer and Chair will always receive a list to review.

JU will also be in Victoria for the Members’ Meeting and will report as the outgoing Treasurer.

Budget Planning for 2018 (Michelle)

MD notes that we will have the usual expenditure: subventing the conference and Members’ Meeting; travel expenses for the Council and Board; Virtual, Inc.; and the TEI Journal. There were no other foreseen major expenses, but we should review this. If the Board or Council knows of potential opportunities to expand membership, outreach, etc. we should plan for it.

Update Nominations/Elections (Kiyonori)

Nominations have been received for the TEI-C Council and Board and the TAPAS Board and closes today: 7 nominates for the Council, 2 for Board, and 1 for Council.

Nominees will be contacted to ask if they will accept the nomination to stand for election.

KN suggests we extend the nomination period by a week, seconded by HC. Voting does not need to be open for one month. Nominations will be open until 22 September 2017.

TEI-C and TAPAS Election Timeline

In particular, more nominations for TAPAS are needed. All Board members are requested to seek nominations more proactively.

The nominating committee will make a spreadsheet to monitor correspondence with nominees (based on the spreadsheet exported from the google nomination form), with columns added for actions and responsibilities. This will be shared with the nominating committee.

Update on MM/Conference for 2017 (Kathryn)

Registration will open soon using the University of Victoria’s new system for collecting conference fees.

Program is set and will be posted soon. Workshop schedule is available for viewing on the conference website

Hotels–The block of rooms at the Marriott is full; rooms are still available at Parkside Hotel and Spa.

The TEI can’t pay for flights in advance—we can claim them back afterwards.

HC has a quotation from the Parkside Hotel for meeting rooms for the 2.5 days of Council and half- day of Board meetings. Refreshments will be added to that. We need an alternative arrangement for the joint meeting as the hotel doesn’t have a room large enough: this is likely to be an informal meeting over coffee or dinner. MD will coordinate this.

Thanks to KT for all her work chairing the Programme Committee.

Update on MM/Conference for 2018 and 2019 (Michelle)

MD has sent out details for 2018 to the list.

KN reports that the local hosts have set up the committee.

KT recommends including someone from a previous programme committee on 2018’s and reports it has been helpful this year, particularly navigating ConfTool, to have Vienna’s local host on the committee.

MD has been working on the documentation for the conference. Historically this has been scattered. MD and Martin Holmes have been working on the documentation, checklist for conference organization etc. Martin Holmes and colleagues in Victoria have been keeping notes in their shared drive. MD to request Martin Holmes share the checklist with KN. MD will pick up this work and assign tasks. PW offered help with this.

Board and Council Meetings for 2017 (Michelle & Hugh)

(Covered as part of the MM/Conference for 2017 update above)

Status of Feb/March/April 2018 TEI Event in Germany (Laurent)

LR reports that Darmstadt are going ahead with the TEI workshop, to be held last week of September or first week of October. They need to send details to their funders by the end of October. The language will be English and German. They request the TEI logo and the Board’s help publicizing the event and possibly a TEI contact for the scientific committee. They do not need the TEI’s financial support.