TEI: TEI-C Board Meeting Minutes 2018-01-11


  • Kathryn Tomasek (KT)
  • Laurent Romary (LR)
  • Luis Meneses (LM)
  • Kiyonori Nagasaki (KN)
  • Georg Vogeler (GV)


  • Martina Scholger (MS)
  • Michelle Dalmau (MD)


  • Welcome and roles
  • Agenda for the year and meeting times
  • Treasurer
  • Update on membership “drive”
  • Update on September conference – Program Committee Chair
  • Update on documentation

Action Items

  • LR to receive permission from Board to set up credit card payment solution for membership fees
  • KT write to Susan and Kiyonori, Susan as Program Committee Chair
  • KT write to other applicants for program committee saying sorry, hope you will consider attending
  • KT write to candidates about Treasurer decision
  • KT writes report on experiences as chair of program committee
  • LM to add location and meeting dates for 2018 Tokyo and 2019 Graz to Meetings page on website
  • MD to prepare minutes 2017 for approval
  • KN, KT, Susan Schreibman to prepare CfP for TEI conference 2018
  • GV to communicate date for MM 2019 Graz


Hugh Cayless appointed as treasurer

Susan Schreibman appointed as program committee chair for upcoming TEI conference (2018) in Tokyo

Brought Forward

Planning for Election 2018 and Rahtz prize 2018

Welcome and roles

KT chair

GV secretary

LR membership secretary

KT Conference correspondent

Agenda for the year and meeting times

Second Thursday per month, 10 p.m. JST/6 a.m. PST/9 a.m. EST/3 p.m. CET


Two candidates self-nominated for the position. After discussion, the Board decided that Hugh Cayless’s long service to the TEI on both Board and Council and resulting familiarity with the organization’s needs make him the more appropriate candidate. We agreed to encourage the other candidate to self-nominate for board or council election

Update on membership “nudge”

Planned to be published with next guidelines release

LM to liaise with Hugh Cayless on the implementation

Improvement of landing page to be set up on Wild Apricot

Problem of German memberships using PayPal should be solved in advance:

Virtual looking into direct credit card payments

Might mean losing a couple of Euros per transaction, number of German users of TEI offsets losses

Update on September conference

Sent email last month

Budget is prepared including room charges

Bursaries from TEI-c would be useful to get speakers from foreign countries

Thinking about grant for travel to Japan for some members of TEI Board and Council–will ask to give lectures for KN project to pay travel expenses–unable to pay for all members of Board/Council

Program Committee Chair

Four candidates followed MD’s fall 2017 invitations to apply for the role; board discusses the proposals and appreciates the willingness and competence of all applications; board suggests Susan Schreibman by her connection to Japan and Pacific region and her substantial standing in the DH/TEI community to KN as local oganizer. KN agrees.

Conference correspondent: KT

Program committee: will be set up by Susan Schreibman in collaboration with KN, KT and should include Pip Wilcox by her special connections to the region.

CfP to be released end of January

Date: September 10th-14th

Further Schedule

Election 2018

Should happen before the conference, brought forward to next board meeting

Rahtz prize 2018

Brought forward to next board meeting

Face-to-face meeting 2018

2018 Sept 11th

We need to decide–before or after conference

TEI-Conference 2019 in Graz

16.-20. September 2019

Update on documentation

Minutes of face-to-face meeting in Victoria still to be approved

Minutes from the meetings 2017 August, September, October, November and December meetings still to be approved

Encoding will be done by LM



Next meeting

Feb 8th, /10 p.m. JST/6 a.m. PST/9 a.m. EST/3 p.m. CET via Zoom