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Proposed Agenda

Saturday November 13, 1830-2100 CEST (PDS-2)

  • In this section of the meeting, we will examine trends, themes and observations that arose during the course of the meeting. Were there any specific themes that developed in the course of the meeting? Papers or conversations that suggested interesting directions or plans we should consider? Aspects of the conference and meeting itself that should be retained, modified, or abandoned?

  • We had a number of suggestions about planning the 2011 (and further) meetings. We should use the end of tonight’s meeting to decide on future courses of action.

Sunday, November 15, 0900-1600 CEST (PDS-2)

  • We need to decide whether we wish to act on the proposed bylaws on behalf of the membership. The proposed bylaws are here. There relevant section on amendments can be found here. If we decide to amend the bylaws, we must make some changes: the proposed bylaws would reduce the size of the board to 6 for one year. Changes in the minimum (7) and maximum (10) size of the board requires approval of the membership.

  • If we decide to alter the bylaws, we need to plan the transition. This means, amongst other things, planning special elections.

    • Election/Confirmation of Officers (incumbents in brackets; links are to descriptions in Bylaws or Customs and Practices). We are facing major changes this year. We can either fill some or all of these positions now, or decide to defer or delegate some of these decisions.

  • Given the changes what budget process would we like to follow this November… keeping in mind that we are already committed to offering the SIG programme on a regular basis with timely announcements?

  • A general discussion of approaches to host/partner and other forms of recruitment.