Anhang B Attribute Classes

Anhang B.1 About the Attribute Classes Appendix

This appendix gives you a list of attribute classes and links to the reference pages for them. There are 74 distinctly-named attribute classes in revision 1fa0b54 of TEI P5 Version 3.4.0 of the TEI Guidelines.

[analysis] Simple analytic mechanisms


[core] Elements common to all TEI documents


[dictionaries] Dictionaries

att.entryLike att.lexicographic

[header] The TEI Header


[linking] Linking, segmentation and alignment

[msdescription] Manuscript Description

att.msExcerpt att.msClass

[namesdates] Names and dates

att.datable.custom att.datable.iso

[spoken] Transcribed Speech


[tagdocs] Documentation of TEI modules

att.repeatable att.combinable att.identified att.deprecated att.namespaceable

[tei] Declarations for classes, datatypes, and macros available to all TEI modules

att.ascribed att.ascribed.directed att.canonical att.ranging att.dimensions att.written att.damaged att.breaking att.cReferencing att.datable.w3c att.datable att.datcat att.declarable att.declaring att.fragmentable att.divLike att.docStatus att.duration.w3c att.duration.iso att.editLike att.handFeatures att.internetMedia att.resourced att.interpLike att.measurement att.naming att.notated att.placement att.typed att.pointing att.scoping att.segLike att.sortable att.edition att.spanning att.styleDef att.tableDecoration att.timed att.transcriptional att.translatable att.citing att.partials att.personal

[textcrit] Critical Apparatus

att.rdgPart att.witnessed att.textCritical

[transcr] Transcription of primary sources att.coordinated

[verse] Verse structures

att.metrical att.enjamb

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