att.ascribed provides attributes for elements representing speech or action that can be ascribed to a specific individual. [3.3.3 Quotation 8.3 Elements Unique to Spoken Texts]
Modultei — The TEI Infrastructure
MitgliederannotationBlock change incident kinesic move pause q said setting shift sp spGrp stage u vocal writing
whoindicates the person, or group of people, to whom the element content is ascribed.
Zustand Optional
Datentyp 1–∞ Vorkommen von teidata.pointer durch Leerzeichen getrennt

In the following example from Hamlet, speeches (sp) in the body of the play are linked to castItem elements in the castList using the who attribute.

<castItem type="role">
 <role xml:id="Barnardo">Bernardo</role>
<castItem type="role">
 <role xml:id="Francisco">Francisco</role>
 <roleDesc>a soldier</roleDesc>
<!-- ... -->
<sp who="#Barnardo">
 <l n="1">Who's there?</l>
<sp who="#Francisco">
 <l n="2">Nay, answer me: stand, and unfold yourself.</l>