att.dimensions provides attributes for describing the size of physical objects.
Modultei — The TEI Infrastructure
Mitgliederatt.damaged [damage damageSpan] att.editLike [att.transcriptional [add addSpan del delSpan mod redo restore retrace subst substJoin undo] affiliation age am birth climate corr date death education event ex expan faith floruit gap geogFeat geogName langKnowledge langKnown location name nationality occupation offset org orgName origDate origPlace origin persName person persona place placeName population reg relation residence secl sex socecStatus state supplied surplus terrain time trait unclear] depth dim dimensions height space width
Attributeatt.ranging (@atLeast, @atMost, @min, @max, @confidence)
unitnames the unit used for the measurement Empfohlene Werte sind: 1] cm(centimetres) ; 2] mm(millimetres) ; 3] in(inches) ; 4] lines; 5] chars(characters)
Zustand Optional
Datentyp teidata.enumerated
Empfohlene Werte sind:
lines of text
(characters) characters of text
quantityspecifies the length in the units specified
Zustand Optional
Datentyp teidata.numeric
extentindicates the size of the object concerned using a project-specific vocabulary combining quantity and units in a single string of words.
Zustand Optional
Datentyp teidata.text
<gap extent="5 words"/>
<height extent="half the page"/>
precisioncharacterizes the precision of the values specified by the other attributes.
Zustand Optional
Datentyp teidata.certainty
scopewhere the measurement summarizes more than one observation, specifies the applicability of this measurement. Beispielwerte sind etwa: 1] all; 2] most; 3] range
Zustand Optional
Datentyp teidata.enumerated
Beispielwerte sind etwa:
measurement applies to all instances.
measurement applies to most of the instances inspected.
measurement applies to only the specified range of instances.