att.personal  (attributes for components of names usually, but not necessarily, personal names) common attributes for those elements which form part of a name usually, but not necessarily, a personal name. [13.2.1 Personal Names]
Modultei — The TEI Infrastructure
MitgliederaddName forename genName name orgName persName placeName roleName surname
Attributeatt.naming (@role, @nymRef) (att.canonical (@key, @ref))
fullindicates whether the name component is given in full, as an abbreviation or simply as an initial.
Zustand Optional
Datentyp teidata.enumerated
Gültige Werte:
the name component is spelled out in full. [Vorgabe]
(abbreviated) the name component is given in an abbreviated form.
(initial letter) the name component is indicated only by one initial.
sortspecifies the sort order of the name component in relation to others within the name.
Zustand Optional
Datentyp teidata.count