provides a set of attributes common to all elements which enclose groups of pointer elements. [16 Linking, Segmentation, and Alignment]
Modultei — The TEI Infrastructure
MitgliederaltGrp joinGrp linkGrp
Attributeatt.pointing (@targetLang, @target, @evaluate) att.typed (@type, @subtype)
domainsoptionally specifies the identifiers of the elements within which all elements indicated by the contents of this element lie.
Zustand Optional
Datentyp 2–∞ Vorkommen von teidata.pointer durch Leerzeichen getrennt
targFunc (target function) describes the function of each of the values of the target attribute of the enclosed link, join, or alt tags.
Zustand Optional
Datentyp 2–∞ Vorkommen von teidata.word durch Leerzeichen getrennt