att.spanning provides attributes for elements which delimit a span of text by pointing mechanisms rather than by enclosing it. [ Additions and Deletions 1.3.1 Attribute Classes]
Modultei — The TEI Infrastructure
MitgliederaddSpan cb damageSpan delSpan gb index lb metamark milestone mod pb redo retrace undo
spanToindicates the end of a span initiated by the element bearing this attribute.
Zustand Optional
Datentyp teidata.pointer
SchematronThe @spanTo attribute must point to an element following the current element

<sch:rule context="tei:*[@spanTo]">
<sch:assert test="id(substring(@spanTo,2)) and following::*[@xml:id=substring(current()/@spanTo,2)]">The element indicated by @spanTo (<sch:value-of select="@spanTo"/>) must follow the current element <sch:name/>