att.readFrom provides an attribute used by specification elements which derive components from some external source.
Moduletei — The TEI Infrastructure
MembersclassRef dataRef elementRef macroRef moduleRef schemaSpec
sourcespecifies the source from which declarations and definitions for the components of the object being defined may be obtained.
Status Optional
Datatype teidata.pointer

The context indicated must provide a set of TEI-conformant specifications in a form directly usable by an ODD processor. By default, this will be the location of the current release of the TEI Guidelines.

The source may be specified in the form of a private URI, for which the form recommended is tei:x.y.z, where x.y.z indicates the version number, e.g. tei:1.5.1 for 1.5.1 release of TEI P5 or (as a special case) tei:current for whatever is the latest release.