data.temporal.w3c defines the range of attribute values expressing a temporal expression such as a date, a time, or a combination of them, that conform to the W3C XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes Second Edition specification.
DeprecatedThis feature will be withdrawn after 2018-10-01
Moduletei — The TEI Infrastructure
Used by
<rng:define name="data.temporal.w3c">
  <rng:data type="date"/>
  <rng:data type="gYear"/>
  <rng:data type="gMonth"/>
  <rng:data type="gDay"/>
  <rng:data type="gYearMonth"/>
  <rng:data type="gMonthDay"/>
  <rng:data type="time"/>
  <rng:data type="dateTime"/>
data.temporal.w3c =
 | xsd:gYear
 | xsd:gMonth
 | xsd:gDay
 | xsd:gYearMonth
 | xsd:gMonthDay
 | xsd:time
 | xsd:dateTime

If it is likely that the value used is to be compared with another, then a time zone indicator should always be included, and only the dateTime representation should be used.