att.ascribed 提供的元素屬性代表言詞或行為,可出自某一特定個人。 [3.3.3 Quotation 8.3 Elements Unique to Spoken Texts]
組件tei — The TEI Infrastructure
成員att.ascribed.directed [kinesic move pause q said sp spGrp stage u vocal writing] annotationBlock change incident setting shift
狀態 非必備的
資料類型 1–∞ 次可出現: teidata.pointer 以空白鍵隔開

In the following example from Hamlet, speeches (sp) in the body of the play are linked to castItem elements in the castList using the who attribute.

<castItem type="role">
 <role xml:id="Barnardo">Bernardo</role>
<castItem type="role">
 <role xml:id="Francisco">Francisco</role>
 <roleDesc>a soldier</roleDesc>
<!-- ... -->
<sp who="#Barnardo">
 <l n="1">Who's there?</l>
<sp who="#Francisco">
 <l n="2">Nay, answer me: stand, and unfold yourself.</l>