att.canonical provides attributes which can be used to associate a representation such as a name or title with canonical information about the object being named or referenced. [13.1.1 Linking Names and Their Referents]
組件tei — The TEI Infrastructure
成員att.naming [att.personal [addName forename genName name orgName persName placeName roleName surname] affiliation author birth bloc climate collection country death district editor education event geogFeat geogName institution nationality occupation offset origPlace population pubPlace region repository residence rs settlement socecStatus state terrain trait] actor authority correspDesc distributor docAuthor docTitle faith funder material meeting objectType principal publisher relation resp respStmt sponsor term title
keyprovides an externally-defined means of identifying the entity (or entities) being named, using a coded value of some kind.
狀態 非必備的
資料類型 teidata.text
 <name key="name 427308"
[New Zealand Parliament, Legislative Council]</name>
 <name key="Hugo, Victor (1802-1885)"
Victor Hugo</name>
ref (reference) provides an explicit means of locating a full definition or identity for the entity being named by means of one or more URIs.
狀態 非必備的
資料類型 1–∞ 次可出現: teidata.pointer 以空白鍵隔開
<name ref=""
Seamus Heaney</name>