att.damaged provides attributes describing the nature of any physical damage affecting a reading. [ Damage, Illegibility, and Supplied Text 1.3.1 Attribute Classes]
組件tei — The TEI Infrastructure
成員damage damageSpan
屬性att.dimensions (@unit, @quantity, @extent, @precision, @scope) (att.ranging (@atLeast, @atMost, @min, @max, @confidence)) att.written (@hand)
agentcategorizes the cause of the damage, if it can be identified.
狀態 非必備的
資料類型 teidata.enumerated
damage results from rubbing of the leaf edges
damage results from mildew on the leaf surface
damage results from smoke
degreeprovides a coded representation of the degree of damage, either as a number between 0 (undamaged) and 1 (very extensively damaged), or as one of the codes high, medium, low, or unknown. The damage element with the degree attribute should only be used where the text may be read with some confidence; text supplied from other sources should be tagged as supplied.
狀態 非必備的
資料類型 teidata.probCert
groupassigns an arbitrary number to each stretch of damage regarded as forming part of the same physical phenomenon.
狀態 非必備的
資料類型 teidata.count