att.identified provides the identifying attribute for elements which can be subsequently referenced by means of a key attribute.
Moduletagdocs — Documentation Elements
MembersattDef classSpec constraintSpec dataSpec elementSpec macroSpec moduleSpec paramSpec schemaSpec
Attributesatt.combinable (@mode) (att.deprecated (@validUntil))
identsupplies the identifier by which this element may be referenced.
Status Required
predeclaresays whether this object should be predeclared in the tei infrastructure module.
Status Optional
Datatype teidata.truthValue
Default false
modulesupplies a name for the module in which this object is to be declared.
Status Optional
Datatype teidata.xmlName

<s:rule context="tei:elementSpec[@module]|tei:classSpec[@module]|tei:macroSpec[@module]">
<s:assert test=" (not(ancestor::tei:schemaSpec | ancestor::tei:TEI | ancestor::tei:teiCorpus)) or (not(@module) or (not(//tei:moduleSpec) and not(//tei:moduleRef)) or (//tei:moduleSpec[@ident = current()/@module]) or (//tei:moduleRef[@key = current()/@module])) "> Specification <s:value-of select="@ident"/>: the value of the module attribute ("<s:value-of select="@module"/>")
should correspond to an existing module, via a moduleSpec or