att.interpLike provides attributes for elements which represent a formal analysis or interpretation. [17.2 Global Attributes for Simple Analyses]
Moduletei — The TEI Infrastructure
Membersinterp interpGrp span spanGrp
Attributesatt.source (@source)
typeindicates what kind of phenomenon is being noted in the passage. Sample values include: 1] image; 2] character; 3] theme; 4] allusion
Status Recommended
Datatype teidata.enumerated
Sample values include:
identifies an image in the passage.
identifies a character associated with the passage.
identifies a theme in the passage.
identifies an allusion to another text.
inst(instances) points to instances of the analysis or interpretation represented by the current element.
Status Optional
Datatype 1–∞ occurrences of teidata.pointer separated by whitespace

The current element should be an analytic one. The element pointed at should be a textual one.